Friday, June 14, 2013

Damn you, Google Reader!

With the impending doom of Google Reader approaching.
I finally decided to try to acquaint myself with Bloglovin;...
I still don't like it.

I'm sure it's because I'm not familiar with it.
And that I don't like change.
At all.

I mean, how do I do a new post from it?!
How do I fix my little picture? I am not connecting it to my facebook!
Whyyy does google have to be stupid and get rid of this?
I'm mean hello, there are other things that can go in it's place!

But, oh well.
If anyone wants to enlighten me on how to do a new post on bloglovin'...
I'd appreciate it.
I'll fully admit that I haven't played around enough with it.
And if I did, I'd probably figure it out.

I did re-import my GR feed.
So I'm hoping it worked right & I won't lose any blogs that I follow.

I don't have many readers anyway,
but if you do follow & read
be sure to follow me on bloglovin' too!
I'd love to keep you ladies around! :-)

Follow on Bloglovin

Short & sweet today, lady loves.
Just want to make sure we don't lose each other!
I've gotta work on my Dad's Father's Day gift.

What are your plans for Father's Day?



  1. Hey lady! Just hopped over to your blog and you don't have to do BlogLovin! FYI that only google READER is going away, not Google Friend Connect. You'll still have your 'follower's listing over on your side bar. I posted a while back on this, but if you read blogs in your dashboard, that's not changing. Hope this helps! :)

  2. I just wanted to say I HATE BLOGLOVIN. lol sorry! I've been trying to navigate around it today but I am SO lost :( I hate that it connected to my facebook, too!


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