Wednesday, June 12, 2013

From one year to beyond, pt. 2! & Eating. I'm doing it wrong.

Well, not completely.
Not according to me.

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The only reason I say this is because you know on some days there are certain difficulties that you may have. What you've eaten for the day can greatly attribute to it.
I just need to reassess what I'm doing. It's not so much of what I'm eating, but making sure that what I'm eating is giving me enough of what my body needs, (fiber, protein, etc.)
This is the part about healthy living that kind of sucks, I don't like having to pick apart everything I eat just to make sure it's enough. But it's whatever. I really don't think many adjustments will need to be made. I'm just having an uncomfortable stint right now, just feeling uncomfy. I also gained weight. But that probably has something to do with eating at 2 diff. restaurants twice in one weekend. So I'm okay with it...slightly.
I saw a pin on Pinterest with a bunch of suggestions and one said have a meatless night. We rarely do this. We're meat eaters, for sho. But I may see if everyone would be willing to do it. Have a night where we just have a big salad and maybe some side veggies, whether they be raw or cooked. Or something like that. Hell I don't know. Speaking of veggies, you ever feel like the fruit and veggie drawer in your fridge just is not big enough. I do. Pack it to the top & then things get lost & forgotten. 
Oh well.
This week: 160.5
Last week: 159.2
Up: 1.3
It's whatever, no ones fault but my own. I'm not happy about seeing 160 again, but it wont change until I kick myself in the ass real hard.
Moving on...
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From One Year To Beyond, Part 2.
The hardest moments from your first year of marriage.

Well. This one can be a little tricky. Doug & I have been together for 10 years (I know I sound like a broken record) and we've only been married for 2 of those. Which means we had been together for 8 years before marriage, and we've lived together all of those 8 years, (now 10 yrs, obviously).

So, the two main challenges the I'll combine into one is that: 1-I don't have a job & 2- we still live at home (at my parents). 
While this has been hard on us before our first year of marriage, I'm still goin' to talk about it. The main issues that these present are very obvious. We have to live off of one income & little privacy. We are very blessed though that my parents are generous enough to allow us to live here, rent free. We contribute in other ways such as groceries and other household needs, and of course helping around the house with cleaning and such. We always look at the silver lining, that being, we could be out on our own, struggling with one income & barely making ends meet. So, ya know. It could be worse, so we're not really complaining. :-)

Losing friends. This affected me more than my hubs. He's easier to say fuck it & I'm the one that cares, too much. This really happened towards the end of our first year of marriage and carried over into the second. It had nothing to do with our marriage & it didn't "rock" our marriage in any negative way. There were just things that happened with some friends that basically resulted in us not talking to any of our friends-that live here-. Doug wasn't jolted by it too much, and at first, I had that same attitude; Fuck it, fuck that & fuck them. But I ended up in a slump a few months in, my depression slapped me in. the. face. HARD. But he worked with me & always been quick to reassure me of things. It actually turned out to be great. It brought the two of us closer together. It sucks to not really have the luxury of calling and hanging out with your friends, but you know...sometimes it's for the better. This was one of those cases. 
(We've all started speaking again, but it's not the way it was. And for now, I'm okay with that.)

The baby thing. You know, once you get married everyone asks "Well, when are you going to have babies?" But not many of them knew that we were basically just waiting for it to happen. I've been off of BC since I was 21 (I think). There's not much of a reason why I shouldn't have had a baby yet. Being asked all the time, is hard, especially when they don't know the struggle. I know I'm not the only one who faces it, but still, things affect people in different ways. And seeing people get knocked up left and right, is a tiny bit frustrating at times. Again this is one of those things that doesn't pertain to just the first year of marriage, but to us in general. And it's another thing that bothers me more, because of the worry of what's wrong with me. Doug's a great support system, though. He doesn't always know what to say, but to just let me get it out, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, matters. And as I've addressed in my past posts. We've pretty much figured out that I'm not ovulating. Poo. We did one round of treatment (ovulation meds), but I haven't been for a follow up or anything. I'm really hoping I can get in gear and lose some weight and that will maybe help me out. I know that being overweight can have a negative affect on trying to get pregnant. So...there's that.

Basically I'm overly emotional and my husband is my rock. lol
I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind. 

I'm still going to continue realtionship posts. The next installment is wedding stuffs. I know I said I'd pick back up on it Monday, but Aunt Flo drained my energy & now the bitch is gone. I think I'm starting to regain it, so I'll actually stop being lazy and work on it, I'll save it for next week though.

Happy Humbday!


  1. 1.3 is no big deal and like you said, you went out to eat twice. Food at restaurants is often overflowing with sodium, that gain will come off no prob. Have an awesome week!

  2. A meatless night? That would be hard in my household too. Sometimes if I wanna keep it light we do lunch for dinner like soup or salad with sandwiches.

  3. Wow yall are brave, I could never live with my family and my hubby. That sounds all too tough for me to even handle.

  4. I love meat too. I am just trying to eat leaner versions and keep it in my diet.

  5. I am so glad and thankful that you linked up with us and shared your heart. This type of post floating around in blogsphere was my main goal and desire when creating the link-up for the other Brides out there! I hope other women feel just as inspired by marriage as I did when reading your post! I hope you will plan to link up with us next week for question #3!



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