Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, there was this boy...

About 10 and a half years ago that I had seen around a handful of times.
He has been to my house a time or two, he was friends with my brother, which meant he was 17 years old. He was from my town, and he was a senior but he didn't go to my school. (He had been kicked out of school in our county schools in middle school).
I hadn't really met him, technically, but I knew who he was. His name and all, okay I knew of him.
He was cute, y'all.
My 14 year old self noticed him right away.

I remember one night in December, I was going Christmas shopping with my parents. We pulled into K-Mart, parked, and then I saw his truck pull in.
Ohhhh, man!
So I pointed him out to my mom -mistake- saying how I thought he was cute and all.
So in the store....we were looking at the fishing stuff & boom walked right by him & his friend.
Mom proceeds to point him out and ask if that was who I walk talking about, out loud...
I walked away.
Gotta love when our parents seek to embarrass us.
Luckily, I'm pretty sure he didn't notice.

On New Years Eve (02/03) we had a small gathering of people at my house.
And by that I mean, it was my mom, brother, his g/f (at the time), 2 mutual friends, one of my cousins, I think my dad was in bed...and then there was that boy. He came to hang out, and drink.

I remember playing bartender that night. I was always good at making a mean margarita, yes, even at 14.
Anyway. I remember all the fun of that night, we had a lot of laughs. I barely even talked to him aside from asking if he wanted a drink every so often. Then going to bed with my cousin and talking about how cute he was.
He started coming around the house more. To the point where he was there every. weekend.
No complaints from this girl.
I was crushing, hard. I was actually crushing pretty significantly on two guys, both of which I had just met, this boy being one of them. But I digress, that may be a post for another day.
Anyway, a short time after new years I was easing up and starting to talk to him and vice versa, all in mixed company of course. No one-on-one talking, yet. He was quiet like me. Just as damn shy as I was. But my mom knew I had a crush on him, my brothers GF knew I had a crush on him, I'm pretty sure my brother knew. I mean...it was a little apparent. My Spring Break came around and my brother was going on a trip to PCB with some of his friends, he asked to borrow a couple hundred dollars from me. I told him that if he would get his friend to take me shopping one day during my spring break, I'd give him the money. He agreed & one day after he got out of school (I'm pretty sure our SB were different weeks) he took me to that Mall of Georgia to go shopping.

It was my first "alone" time with him. I don't even remember shopping, pretty sure I left the mall empty handed (which I often do). But I just wanted to hang out with him. I do remember, we were either walking into, or out of the mall, and I told him he needed to lighten up and enjoy life. I mean I didn't say those words, but I remember saying something to that affect. He was just so quiet, and seemed so....serious. Anyway, we had become friend, as lots of people tend to do when you're hanging out every weekend, and by now most days after school.


We became more and more comfortable with each other. Started flirting. We always sat beside each other when he was at the house. He would sometimes take naps & his body would be on one cushion and his legs on my cushion of the loveseat. There we several time when I'd lean over and fall asleep propped up against his butt. (Don't laugh, that's the best way I can describe it, lol).

I remember going to a very small graduation/birthday party with him, my bro, bro's g/f, and another friend. There were only like 10 people there, 4 of which were seniors (him, my brothers g/f, and 2 of the other people.) I remember everyone was drinking except for my & my brothers GF (who was about 7 months pregnant by now) and I was worried about him. Wanted to make sure they made him lay a certain way when he went to sleep to that if he were to puke he wouldn't choke. lol
I remember one time I was chilling out in my room upstairs & somehow or another he ended up upstairs and we were sitting in the hallway, just talking about random stuff. We were laying in the hallway at one point and I was talking to him about how I was going to live in a cardboard box when I was older & I was talking about how I'd paint/decorate it, and he was just like, "no you won't". We laid there and it was one of those things where your hands just kinda end up next to each others. We held hands a little bit. Talked and talked. Then we ended up at one point he was sitting up, indian style, and I was laying there and we were still talking and I'll never forget he grabbed my legs and pulled me to him, essentially in his lap, and we ended up face to face and we just looked at each other. And instead of making a move, I remember I turned my head. I panicked. haha. Perfect opportunity to kiss & we just...didn't. But it was like something out of a movie. I'll never forget that.
I told my mom and my bro's gf about it and they ragged on me about it.
One day my bro's gf was talking to me over my 'beep beep". (My first cell was a Nextel, & I loved my beep beep -walkie talkie-...you know "hit me on my nextel chirp") and he was at the house, sitting by me so he could hear the beep beep convo, and she came across saying how I "loved" him (just picking on me). Well little did she know that he was sitting beside me. Embarrassing.
The end of the school year came for him a couple of weeks before my county schools got out. My brother, his gf, and I went to his graduation.
About a week or so later it was his 18th birthday.
And two days after his birthday we were sitting outside of my house, in his truck, talking about how he didn't feel like going home, I told him to spend the night again, etc etc & then I remember he looked at me and asked me if I really did liked him. I don't remember much else other than I know I told him I did. I'm pretty sure he told me he liked me and then we talk about going out. Well....that conversation somehow ended with us deciding that we were going to "go out".

That boy was Doug and on June 9, 2013, we became boyfriend and girlfriend....



  1. Aww!! Such a sweet story!!

    This is why I wanted a big brother growing up, so I could flirt with his friends. ;)

  2. What a great story!! I love teenage crushes a loves ...made me remember memories of my own.


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