Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I said I would, but did I?

Back on March 9th I made a small "I will" list.
It was just some little, short-term, goals.
I decided to revisit it & see where I stand with it.
Here it is...

*I will either finish my current book, or decide to come back to it later, so I can read The Happiness Project.
-- I was reading "The Book of Lost Things" at the time & made the decision to put it down & come back to it later. I'm on Chapter 7 (The July/Money chapter) of The Happiness Project. & I LOVE this book!

*I vow to pick at least 2 (starting small) Pinterest projects, and actually DO them
-- Um, I have a few in mind still, but I actually have been thinking of some none pinterest things to do. BUT I still haven't actually done anything yet. lol
*I will make a decision on the camera I want, & if I should chose the one I can actually afford...
*I will buy it.
-- Those 2 go together...
I am a proud owner of the Canon Rebel T4i. I had my heart set on the 7D, but I talked myself down a bit for 2 reasons; 1- It was going to be my first pro quality camera, I didn't want "too much machine" when I don't quite know all the ins & outs of it (I'm glad I did that because I am definitely still learning, but I'm in love.) & 2- It was the one I could actually afford. Paid for in CASH, and even better, it was paid for with MY money that I had been saving! :D
*I am going to start exercising, even if it's just a little right now...but first I'm gonna sit down one day & add all of the food I commonly eat to my MFP so it's easier to enter.
-- Walking at the very least a couple times per week & still trying to pick out a couple of exercise routines. MFP...not so much...lol

*I will pick at least one exercise or routine off of my pinterest board and try it out.
-- I have actually tried 3...or 4? Anyways, I've tried some & like a couple of those. :)
*I need a full length mirror. I've gone without one too long now. So, I'm gonna work on getting a new one. 
-- Haven't done this yet, and every day I dwell on that. Because it'd be so useful for me. SOON!
*I will get out of the house a little more.
-- Well, considering I have been gone almost every weekend in April, we hiked around the lake in town the last weekend in March. I would call this a success for now. ;)
*I will stop putting off working in the basement aka "my apartment".
-- Umm....how bout them Dawgs? haha, but really...I've slacked there..but we have been talking about what to do next etc etc (talking doesn't accomplish a damn thing!)
*I want to plan a vacation. Even if I'm not going to actually take it anytime soon.
-- Haven't really done this. But I'm fully sure that once Erin posts all of her Disney recaps & tips I will be well on my way to planning my Disney Trip!

*I want to plan some stuff with my hubby love, even if it's just a couple of date nights.
-- We had a date night of hubby's choices a couple of weekends ago. We had Sonic & went to see Jurassic Park 3D. Was such a good date night. And we have looked up things to do in our state that we might not have done.

*I will make my dad's Father of the Groom Gift that I was supposed to complete and give to him as his Father of the Groom gift. Almost 2 years later & it's still just chillin' in my room. I suck, okay. But I'll make it his Father's Day present this year.
-- Not yet. But I have started getting a few pictures ready & I have relocated the frame I bought. & it made cry because I had forgotten what the little plaque said. Awww. :) Will post a picture either when I get the picture in it, or Fathers Day.
Anyone else have any short term goals that they have set recently? Have you completed them yet? :)
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I need a full length mirror also!! It would be so useful! Right now I stand on my bed to look at myself in my dresser mirror, but it's not the same.

    After just two days of recaps on Erin's blog, I want to plan my vacation to Disney now!!


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