Friday, April 5, 2013

HEY, another randooo post & a chat about stepping out of my comfort zone.

Here I am again.
Today's weather has been gorgeous, sooo much better than yesterday. I've snapped even more doggie pictures today, those poor dogs. Probably murmuring something along the lines of, "get that thing out of my face." I haven't taken pictures of Annie (horse) cause I've been too lazy to walk to the barn.
I'll do that either after I blog or tomorrow...probably tomorrow though, it's starting to cool down and almost time for supper.
Speaking of supper. Tonight is Sissy Burgers, corn on the cob & maybe some potatoes. I am SO ready for hubs to get hooommmeee! Last night I tried a new meal. A Pinterest meal, of course. The white chicken enchiladas. I have never eaten an enchilada, first of all. And second, I've never attempted cooking them. But, I did & they were good. Chicken and cheese enchiladas with rice & corn on the side! MmMmMmm, are you hungry yet? ;p
I'm so ready for our date night brother in law decided to come home early from their mini-get away at the cabin, so he's here now, so I'm not sure if that will interrupt our plans or not.   We'll just have to wait and see.

So, I haven't mentioned it, because I have been teeter-tottering with the idea for a day or so. But, I finally took a deep breath & just decided to try. 
I'm entering a contest. To be a VIP Correspondent for Nabisco for 1D's US Tour.
It seems like a really fun exciting experience. It's a little out of my comfort zone, but, we have to challenge ourselves sometimes, right?!
The pessimist in me says that I'm doing it for nothing & that I don't have a chance, but...the itty bitty optimist in me says, "Oh well, try it anyway." So I am. There are certain things you have to do to enter & I am done with one big part. My next part is a 90 second (or less) video. Eek. I've never video-ed myself and uploaded it. It makes me nervous. I did the accent challenge last week & deleted it. Haha. So, yeah...
Cross your fingers, say a prayer, send good vibes -whatever works for you- that I can maybe have maybe some kind of a shot at this. I reallly want it. It'd be a challenge, which I kind of think I might need. Ya know?
For me to be unemployed, no kids, music loving & 1D loving girl [I mean, I did buy One Direction Duck Tape this morning], with no major happenings in the next 3 or so months, this would be an awesome opportunity for me! Not to mention, it would be a great thing to help me in any professional sense, and would be something great to add to a resume.

Staying on the subject of music, I rolled my hiney out of bed this morning so that I could be awake when 10am came around. I am too excited to say that I will now, officially, be seeing Fall Out Boy this Fall!! 
I have been wanting to see them for almost 8 years or more.
Made. My. Day!

Well, I guess I should probably clean in the kitchen a bit so we can get ready for supper. I wanna try to be ready to start cooking as soon as hubby-love gets here and showers. I'm HONGRY!
did you read that wrong?
I'm ready to eat, shower and curl up on the couch with The Happiness Project, which I am still enjoying by the way. I just have to not let it put me to sleep. lol
Hope everyone has had a great Friday & hope your Friday night is great as well. 
Tonight let's get some, and live while we're young! ;) 

Leaving you with:: 
Fall Out Boy- The Phoenix
'cause I'm excited

One Direction- Kiss You
'cause I'm equally excited about them!
& because, duhh, pfft...It's 1D.

Love Youuuuuu.

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