Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So, about that 3 mile walk...

It was just Doug & I over the weekend.
Friday, I had a mini photoshoot with myself (okay not really, I was just playing with my camera & I happened to put an effort into myself that day...which resulted in mucho love for my hair by everyone. Thanks. :)
Saturday, we spent the morning cleaning. The treadmill is clean & accessible again. Yay. & Then we went for a walk outdoors....up in my little ole mountain town there is a lake/reservoir. There is a walking trail around said lake.
And for the past, I don't know, maybe 6 months or so, I've really been wanting to walk it. & So has my Hubs.
Well, we finally did. On Saturday. My mother- & brother-in-law & one of his friends & the dog went with us.
It's about a 3 mile walk/hike. And it only took us about an hour and a half.
This is good. Considering Hubs & I are completely out of shape (me way more than him). And we stopped for about 5 or 10 minutes to go off the path so my mother in law could show us something.
I will admit though, about a quarter of the way through, when we hit an incline & my chest felt like it was going to explode I wondered what the actual hell I had gotten myself into. There were a small handful of inclines but I conquered them all, without having to stop. (Even though I did scare myself a few times.)
You can go in 2 different directions from where you park; clockwise or counter clockwise. We went clockwise. Smart decision, for beginners. Why? Because the inclines I had to tackle that way would have been nothing compared to going the other way.
You cross a creek in one spot. You have to step on rocks to cross, or just walk through. And you cross a river in another spot, you do not have to step on rocks in this area.
There is even a spot, where you can walk right off the path & there is a bench swing, right by the water.
You can sit & just look out at the lake.
I thought to myself "I know exactly where I can go now if I just want to runaway for a little while."
There are benches throughout the trail for those who want to rest along the way. Happy to say I only sat down once & that was because my fisherman husband wanted to stop & look at a pond real quick, wasn't even down for a minute though, so I'm not counting it.
You have to walk the road in 2 areas.
And kids can definitely go, as long as you're okay with them walking with you along the side of the rode.
The only part the you really HAVE to be close to the road is when you are crossing the bridge.
But all in all, it wasn't bad. At all.
That all being said...
Let me just say. I did not think our lake was that big.
& I did not realize how far back you get in the woods.
It's so peaceful & so gorgeous.
I loved it.
By the time we were done & my legs were on FIYYA! BUT...I'm so happy to say that Sunday, or yesterday there was no leg pain. And Doug didn't have any knee pain (he's has ACL injuries/surgeries on both knees). I'm taking that as a good thing. It's definitely going to take a while before I can get through it without scaring myself thinking that my check is going to explode. But I'll definitely do it again & Doug liked it too. Which is really good. After he got home from work yesterday he said "Actually felt pretty good today, we need to go walk more."
Uhh..no shit, Sherlock. I told him it'd be good for his knees, if he would just listen to me. MEN!
Anywho,..here are some pictures...

& then here's the whole lake...
Pretty f'kin proud of myself & my hubby-love.

After the walk, what do we do? Head to a Mexican restaurant and refuel. Ha. Then we headed to the park for a night egg hunt. Last year the held a night egg hunt & it was soooo fun. They did it again this year but we didn't stay too long. It started raining & my brother in law just wasn't feelin' it. Plus it was cold rain. Had it been warmer, would have been no issue. ha.
Sunday was Easter, we only went to one place. & then did nothing the rest of the day.
Then boom, weekend over & everyone was home. Back to reality. The weekend was wonderful though. My parents also celebrated 30 years on Saturday. :)
The good thing is, it's Spring Break for the schools here. So we'll be house sitting for my mother in law from Wednesday to maybe Sunday. :) More alone time!
Okay, I'll not overload this post. I could ramble more, but I'll just break it up into different posts.

Oh & here's me, the girl behind the blog, sans sunglasses.


  1. THAT HAIR! Jeeez!! It looks like you have never colored it or damaged it ever... it looks so so healthy and gorgeous. Jealous.

    SO glad that you enjoyed your little (or not so little) walk! Hiking is the best! You are right though... it can sometimes take your breath away (literally)... I get that feeling in my chest too. Completely normal. It means you are doing something right.. that's what I'd like to think anyway. The more you do it, the easier it gets! And what a beautiful walk that is! Great pics!! =D

  2. What a gorgeous place to take a walk! I love your hair too - so pretty!

  3. You get it girl... I hope those legs hurt so good. :)

    And I am so jealous of your hair that I can't see straight-- it's gorgeous!


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