Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An endless cycle...

So, I'm sure you've noticed that on this bloggy I like to throw in link-ups, unless something is actually going on. I just want to say that I do that because if I didn't I swear you would feel like you were reading the same posts over and over, more frequently. You see the things that bother me, or stay on my mind, are for the most part the same things...and I could probably clear my mind of them every day. But when it's repeat thoughts....I kind of don't want to type the same thing, every. single. day.
And more so, I know this blog is for me, first and foremost. But I do acknowledge that I have readers & I appreciate y'all so much & so I try to not be too monotonous. Plus link ups help give you inspiration for things to talk about outside of your weighing thoughts sometimes, which is needed. So yea...just wanted to say that.
Okay, now that I've got that out of the way for no reason...lol.
It's Tuesday, right?
This past weekend was so good.
We house sat for my mother in law while her and my brother in law were out of town for a few days for Spring Break.
He came back early, on Friday, & she came back on Saturday. We usually come back home whenever they get back but we stayed the night again Saturday, which I think they liked. :)
We also had a date night Saturday night. This one was Doug's choices. So we ate at Sonic & went to see Jurassic Park 3D. It was great. & He was so excited. I loved it. We went back to her house & played a game and watched TV before going to bed.
We woke up Sunday & all 4 of us went out for a late breakfast...to IHOP...it was my first time there & it wasn't too bad. We then went to Wal Mart to buy a game that my ma-in-law had been telling us about (Phase 10), & while there she decided that she wanted to get a table & chair set for her patio. So she did. We got back to her house & set it up & then we sat outside and played Phase 10. I had always thought that I wouldn't like that game...but I do. ;) Anyway we spent most of the day up there & came home around 6 & hubs & my bro left for fishing.
The end.
lol It was just such a good weekend & the weather was perfection...minus the little breeze that would come through every so often. We spent most of the time outside. I even got a bit of a sunburn...a totally uneven farmer burn; sleeves were not rolled up, got half of my neck & chest...it's a mess. But thank goodness it wasn't a bad one & it's pretty much faded out now.
I mentioned Friday that I was entering a contest. I was supposed to record the video for that over the weekend, I still have not done that. I need to soon though, the deadline is approaching. There is a part of me that is trying to talk myself out of it & there is another part still saying just try. It's sad that things cane be that conflicting sometimes. I just don't like rejection, who does? And when it comes to jobs, that's allll I get. Which I know I'm not the only one in that boat either. But really, throw me a fricken bone here!
And this "Operation: I Workout" thing is still a slow starting thing...meaning the only thing I've done that can be counted towards it is walking those almost 3 miles the weekend before last.(I say almost because my mother in law says 3, a couple of other have said a little under 3..so almost 3 works?) lol BUT, I really kind of want to try to lose as much as I can in the next 2 weeks. SO, to do that I have to REALLY get started. I spent the evening yesterday saving some of the workouts I have pinned, to my computer so I can print them and try them. My goal is to try them all & pick some to maybe work into a routine. I want to lose a little in the next two weeks, but in all reality, if I make myself do this it will be a good start for the long term goal of losing weight. Ya know? So, I'll get them printed off hopefully tonight. & then I was thinking about joining in on Erin & Alex's Weigh-In Wednesday every so often... but I haven't decided for sure on that one. If I do, tomorrow would be my first one.
I'm trying to keep my anxiety at bay, but thinking about the next 2 weekends is making me nervous. It sucks. We'll be in Athens Saturday & we've never been to Athens without someone else driving, meaning we're not totally sure how to navigate, where to park, etc. But I'm still excited. & Then traveling alone has my anxiety knocking at the door.
I have lots to do over the next couple of weeks. It's gonna be one of those things where there are about 3 weekends of busy, busy, busy & then after that nothing...& it's like "now what?" And our anniversary is 2 months away EXACTLY. ( I didn't even realize today is the nineth!) We still have no plans for it, except we have a wedding to go to the day before it (hubby's cousin)...which has nothing to do with our anniversary, but it will make it a weekend of love. :)
Now I'm starting to ramble. I'm also hungry so that means it's lunch time. Gonna eat & read blogs & then be productive!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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