Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Can you believe... it's time for a weigh-in?

Because I can't.

I can't believe... it's already Wednesday.
I can't believe... tomorrow will be a week since the tornado already.
I can't believe... that the Jason Aldean show has already come and gone. (I'll post about it soon.) PCD definitely kicked in.
I can't believe... that I'll be leaving on a solo trip in a few days...hellurrr anxiety, I don't like you!
I can't believe... that I slept until 10, pushes back everything I wanted to do today.
I can't believe... that I am still having damn issue with my McAfee and am now dealing with it, causes even more time to be wasted.
I can't believe... it's almost noon & I still haven't had breakfast. :-/ Thinking I might just have lunch & forget breakfast today.

I won't be surprised to see little to no change in any progress.
Not going to get anything done by barely exercising. The past week has been crazy between storms, a concert, and my car quitting on me. However, I did get some walking in. That most definitely counts. And I hit up the treadmill last night & am supposed to be walking today.
Not too much to say or update on. I still haven't picked back up on MFP.
My problem I have with it is it's so tedious to add every dang ingredient and make a meal out of that & then estimate how much you had...for every. dang. meal. I'll seriously have to spend half a day and sit at the computer & add the meals/snacks I eat most frequently to make it easier.

Last week: 163
Today: 162
Down 1 lb.
I may add measurements & pictures, but not sure if I'll post those on here.

That's all I got for today.
I'm still waking up & frustrated by this stupid computer.

Happy Humpday.

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