Monday, April 22, 2013

Snap back to reality.

Back from Savannah.
I got back last night.
Thankful I was able to go send the weekend with my best friend and make the drive there and back safely.
I'd love nothing more than to post about it.
And all the other things that are on my mind.

But today I decided I was going to retry installing McAfee.
& Spent ALL day messing with it...
for it to still not work.
I got pissed off & left it alone after almost 6 hours of trying.
Then I was going to try to do a quick blog post on my phone.
Won't let me.

I'm not quite sure why technology is repelling me.

All I know is I don't have the money to drop on new shit.


I can't download the pictures that Manda sent me, because this isn't my computer.
I can't upload my pictures to see and send to her, because this isn't my computer.
I can't do anything I normally would do online, because this isn't my computer.

I try to use things until they pretty much don't work anymore
instead of running out and buying something new the first chance I get
and it always bites me in the ass.

So freaking annoying.
You're not supposed to come back from a weekend getaway and be so bitter.
And yet here I am.
I'm really hoping I'm just tired and my mood will be better tomorrow.

As for this here little blog...
unless I keep borrowing my moms computer nightly,
or can make my browser on my phone let me blog,
my posts will sporadic.
(and probably pictureless until I get a working computer of my own)


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