Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Checking in, linking up.

I am still computerless!
But...I have someone who is going to wipe out my computer
and reinstall my windows & Microsoft crap.
You know, they basic stuff that comes on it.
So, if all goes as it should, I'll be starting "fresh".
If I can squeeze another year out of my dinosaur of a computer
we might just break down and get a new one next year...
assuming we can afford it.
So, here's to hoping that I get it working & it'll be my friend for another year!
In the meantime I have picked The Happiness Project back up (I hadn't read on it for a good week or 2) I think I'm halfway through chapter 5 now. I honestly can't believe how much I love it. It really is a good book, especially for someone who is trying to do all things possible to be as happy as possible- like me.
Anyways, it's Wednesday. So let's just get to my link ups for the day.
Linking up with my girl, Robin, for "I can't believe..."

I can't believe... the weekend came and went that fast. Seriously WAY too fast. :(
I can't believe... I balls-ed up and asked my on again, off again friend to go to a concert with me. Hoping it goes well for us if we go.
I can't believe... hubs and I haven't worked on the basement in a hot close to 2 months.
I can't believe... I went to Savannah and didn't come home with a souvenir! And I even looked at a few shirts I actually liked. Poo!
I can't believe... Fall Out Boy FINALLY announced who they were taking on tour with them AND IT'S WHO I WAS HOPING AND PRAYING IT WOULD BE!
I can't believe... I'm behind on my shows...I have too many as it to be behind is nooo good!
I can't believe... Jenelle from TM2 is in trouble...again... for drugs & assault...Actually I kind of can believe it...but is this bitch not pregnant? Or was that a lie? Or did she miscarry? I'm out of the loop I guess, but still, REALLY?!

Weighing in with Erin & Alex.

Time to weigh in I suppose.
I honestly feel like I should be up or the same as I was.
I mean I spent the weekend out of town. Which means eating out the whole time.
My weekend eating consisted of white cheddar popcorn, doritos, gushers, animal crakcers, Chili's chicken club tacos with loaded mashed potatoes & mac & cheese (& a pom margarita!), Wild Wing CafĂ© bbq chicken sliders with friiieessss, a blizzard, a slice of Sbarros, mountain dew, cokes,...and barely any water. lol And I don't feel bad about it, at all. SO GOOD!
BUT, we did do lots of walking! So, it's okay.
My eating since I've gotten back home is pretty much normal.
I just haven't exercised or walked since Saturday.
So whatevs, I'll be getting back to trying to find a routine soon. Haha.

Last week: 162
Today: 161.4
Down:  .6

All things considered, I'll take it. Even though it's probably just a daily fluctuation type thing. haha.
Maybe I can find a few exercises I like and start doing them so I can see some actual changes!

Happy Humpday.
Hoping I can get back to blogging as usual soon!



  1. You're doing great!!! And that Jenelle is just a freakshow.

  2. I take ANY weight loss!!! Especially when you haven't eaten the best, it's always good to see the scale going down. Congrats.

  3. OMG Jenelle is such a freaking disaster I can't even handle it. She claims she was pregnant and miscarried (she basically live-tweeted her miscarriage, google it!) but no one thinks she actually was preggers in the first place. Because who live tweets a miscarriage and then goes out drinking that night?
    What is this happiness project? I've heard you mention it before but I still don't know.


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