Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Social, Twittah Edition.

Did you read that in a British accent? Cause that's what I was shooting for. ;)
So the Night Train tour concert was last night & let me just say...It's was ahh-maze-ing! Every single bit of it.
I'll probably talk about that tomorrow though. This weekend has just seemed crazy with the tornado and then a concert, so I'm being lazy today & am totally uncaring about it!
Let's get into this Sunday Social -with Neely & Ashley-...

1. When did you join twitter?
I think it was November of 2010.

2. Who is your favorite non-celeb to follow?
Uhh, pretty much everyone I follow.

3. Who is your favorite celeb to follow?
Framing Hanley & all the members. One Direction & all the members -don't judge me-, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, MTV, VH1, E!, all of my fav. football players & teams,...I about I just say all the one I follow!?....

4. Have you ever had a celeb respond to a tweet?
All the guys from Framing Hanley several times (they are celebs to me!) Um,..Jon Reep (comedian) a couple of times & then on times Jon & a producer of a movie that he's going to be in & I had a mini-convo about Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan) singing karaoke, drunk. lol Um, Knowhson Moreno (GA Bulldogs/Denver Broncos) has, Zach Myers (Shinedown), Jackass ( the show, lol @jackassworld), Kevin & maybe Andy (from Transmit Now), uuhhmmm....aaaannnd I'm blank, I feel like there are a couple that I'm forgetting...

5. What is your favorite store/brand to follow?   
I don't really think I follow any stores...?
6. Give us three tweeps we should be following.  
Um, Framing Hanley (just because), Blake Shelton (he is so off the wall sometimes!) & hell I don't know,  all of YOU! Leave your Twitter handle in the comments! 

You can follow me, if you'd like. There are day where I rarely tweet but, more often than not, I tweet A LOT. Mostly about music, food, I love to tweet lyrics, random stuff, rants...just anything and everything! :) 
Twitter handle is @bnb03, click that little follow button & get @ me! ;)

Now to get on with my laziness!
The MTV Movie Awards are coming on tonight. I thought about live tweeting.
Don't know though.
Anyone else watching?!

Happy Lazy Sunday!

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