Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I want...

Ahh, Christmas. It's getting closer.  
92 days.
Christmas never leaves my mind, but around July it really kicks in. I'm surprised I haven't really posted about it yet, even though I warned you that I might.
But I am today.
I was looking at my wishlist and realized it needed to be updated a little bit so I've been doing that...(which led to a little twitter rant about Super Nintendo and cause me to become completely unfocused this post... IOW, this was supposed to post yesterday. OY!)

I still keep a handwritten wishlist, not just for Christmas or my Birthday but, for any gift giving event. Trust me it's useful, not just for someone else to see what I want, but for me to remember something I might want but can't get right away. I update it every so often or when I buy or receive something that's on it.

So here are a few random things on my Wish List!

1. Perfume. I've been using body spray for over a year now & don't get me wrong, it serves its purpose. But I'd like some perfume now. lol I've been trying to smell around [that just sounds weird to say-er type-] and find another perfume I like. I like Adidas Moves for Her. It's my go-to, something I know for sure I'll like. I've used it since I was a teen. A couple of new ones that I remember testing and liking [so far] are Our Moment by One Direction and DKNY: I Heart London (& I like one of the others too, I don't remember which city it was though. boo).

2. Camis! I wear camis under everything, and half of mine are falling about. Can never have enough camis! Has to be the Aeropostale ones though. Black, white, grey, red, navy, green, blue, and whatever other color. Large.

3. Tennis Shoes & Combat boots. Adidas Climacool Modualtion 2- blue. I'm just now wanting combat boots so I haven't really looked at them...yet.

4. Xyron Sticker Maker. Seriously it'd make scrap booking, or any paper crafting easier.

5. Painted Pony. Emergence.

6. Camera cleaning kit.

7. New camera bag & maybe a strap. Still need to look around for those also. I want a bag that looks like a purse. Something not 100% as bulky as the typical camera bags but that will still protect my Rebel.

8. Wild Encounter at the zoo with an Elephant.

9. Super Nintendo & games. (Or NES) Yep, totally serious.

10. My car fixed/painted. That's my baby. I was the victim of a hit a run about 4 years ago & my car has had the dent sinse. Plus some hail damage from a couple of years ago. And the dash is cracking and breaking from the sun. And the clear coat is peeling. And the tint is bubbling. She's a beaut to me, she just needs to extra special TLC. Painting actually needs to be done. In all fairness she is 11 years old. My Baby Blue.

What are some things on your wishlists (or Christmas list, birthday list, whatever list)?!

Have a good day!



  1. I want a new camera too!! And girrrrl... that car!! I love it! =)

  2. Great list! Love that a NES or a Super Nintendo is on that list! Be careful though, those old games get expensive on ebay! (At least the few that I've seen!)


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