Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIW, but not really.

Well, Dads surgery went well. It was in abdomen area so he's not allowed to do too much. He's being restless and stubborn right now. He's a workaholic and my mom is getting onto him for even trying to do emails. And she should. He needs to do nothing. But she better get ready cause he is off of work until his follow up appt...which is next Friday. So we'll see how this next week goes.
There will be a lot of cleaning coming up, that's for sure.

I totally had an idea for a post today and I'll be damned if it didn't leave my mind as soon as I sat down to get online. So, I'm back to square one of nothing to write about.

I'm glad it's getting cooler. Except for in Georgia, it's sometimes an extreme change. And I'm not even talking about seasonal, I'm talking about daily. Like..I'm freezing right now. It's very overcast & breezy.
I mentioned that I was going to buy this....and I did. Last week. I haven't started it. I want to watch it first and then I'll see if I think I can even do it. There are 4 dance routines/workouts. 2 Hip Hops, 1 Latin & 1 Latin/Hip Hop fusion.
I've watched one of the routines & it seams like it might be fairly easy. I just have to see if I have an inkling of rhythm left-as far as dancing goes.

As far as weighing in. I weigh the same as I did, last week...and the week before...and I think even the week before that.
Literally no change at all.
Which is good and bad. Good because it's not going up, bad because it's not going down.
But I'm just gonna say I'll take it.

Weigh In Wedneday

Happy Humpday!
[woot woot!]


  1. Sometimes you just need to tweak your routine a bit to get your body out of maintaining mode. That new workout ought to do it!

  2. Hi Brandy, I don't have the Step Up DVD, but for 2 days now I've been playing Just Dance game on the Wii. So far it's been fun and sweaty :p. I hope you'll have a good workout with Step Up, don't worry so much about the steps, just do as much as possible and have fun! Goodluck!

  3. Sorry about the scale not moving! And glad to hear your dad's surgery went well. My dad just had his rotator cuff repaired on Wednesday and he's being stubborn as well. Can't keep these men still in order for them to recover properly! My mom has having fits with him too!


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