Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall TV...Part 1.

If you've paid attention to my blog, you've might have noticed that I love me some TV.
A new season usually means a new seasons of shows & a new TV show schedule.
And mine is chocked mothafuckin full of evening shows, as always.
Here is some of what's on my radar to watch:

Teen Mom 3 -MTV
Let's face it. I love Teen Mom. Of course I miss Maci..and Chelsea. I feel like I'm still trying to figure these girls out. So far Alex seems to be the crazy one on this season. I actually feel bad saying that, because I know I'm not in their shoes, but you know...we see what MTV wants us too & she's a bit of a loose cannon. Briana seems like she has PPD and that makes me sad. I wish she would go out to dinner with some friends or something. I know this was all filmed MONTHS ago, but still.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle -VH1 
It's no secret I love music. It's also no secret that I love me some T.I.! Not only as a musician, but as a person. I love watching his family every week!

Sleepy Hollow -ABC
Does anyone watch this? I watched the first episode, but missed the second one. I'm still trying to decide if I want to watch it. I feel like I do.

Catfish - MTV
Main reason I love this is because I was the girl in online relationships as a teenager. lol There's always the question of "is this person really who he says he is." And never share too much personal info. No-no! I do find myself hoping for success stories all the time though. I was so happy when Lauren and Derek were a success!

Snookie & Jwowww New season starts October 22 on MTV
I don't even know what to say about this one...but yes, yea I watched the first season & yes, I'll watch this one. 

Face Off - SyFy
Competition show about make-up and fx artists. It's such a cool thing. Something I'd never be able to do, but I love watching them at their craft. Creativity is an amazing.

Ink Masters - Spike
 Tattoo competition. The only thing that bugs me about this show is that I want a new one so bad, watching this make the itch worse.

Tough Love Co-Ed - VH1
I can't pinpoint what it is that pulled me into this show. But I digs it. I've watched all seasons. This time around Steve's helping men & women with their dating/relationship issues! I'm not single, but hey, you can still learn a few things. Or just be happy that you aren't as bad as some of those people. 

Ghost Hunters - New season starts October 9th on SyFy
I wanna go ghost hunting with Jay, Steve, Amy, Tango, Brit and the rest of the crew!

South Park  - New season started last night, Sept. 25  on Comedy Central
Shut Up! I've been watching South Park since I was 10 years old. Since the beginning. I absolutely love it!

Once Upon a Time In Wonderland - Series premieres October 10 on ABC
Anyone watch "Once Upon A Time"? My parents do and seem to love it.  I know I would too, if I would have caught it from the very beginning. I wouldn't even be able to begin to understand it right now. But, I do love me some Disney! So when I saw announcement of an Alice In Wonderland themed series, I was instantly interested. I have kind of an Alice in Wonderland obsession. I love everything about it. So I'm pretty excited for this to come on!

Football if one of my teams are playing.

Kendra On Top -WEtv
I've loved Kendra since she was on The Girls Next Door & one of Hef's girlfriends. I was so sad to see her leave the Mansion but so happy when she got her own show! Love her!! & Lil Hank is too damn cute!

College Football- Georgia Bulldogs & any other SEC games we want to watch.

Football if any of my teams are playing. 
Keeping Up With The Kardasian- New episodes return Sept.29 on E! 
Don't judge me! I'm not even sorry that I love this show. Khloe is my girl, love her! 

Eric & Jessie: Game On -Series premieres this Sunday Sept.29 on E!
Eric Decker & Jessie James have a reality show now, apparently. I'll bite. Eric is a fantastic Bronco & Jessie James is a singer, and a good one at that. 

Real Housewives of Atlanta -New Season Premieres Nov. 3 on Bravo!
Hey hey! Out of the Real Housewives franchise my favorites are without a doubt OC & ATL. I mean, I am a Georgia girl. They are some rowdy ass bitches & I love it!

Masters of Sex- Series premieres Sept. 29 on Showtime
This one isn't a for sure on either. A show about a man (doctor) who want to study the affect sex has on the brain. I think I might check it out. You can see the preview here. 
(Why? Whyyy are so many shows Sunday night shows!)

Thank God for DVR, am I right?!
But really y'all...this is just scratching the surface 
I may actually have to do a part 2 of this at some point, because I know there are lots more but my mind has gone blank at the moment.
This list isn't even mentioning any of the crime shows.
If I could get paid to watch TV, I'd probably do it, or at least try. lol 
I completely over-do it when it comes to TV shows. 

What's on your Fall T.V. schedule? 
Anyone else watch any of these? 
Get some popcorn & drinks!



  1. I love Catfish and can't wait to see Eric and Jessie.. the previews look pretty cool. And of course, College Football is a must!

  2. I feel for Alex, her baby daddy is crap while she's working THREE jobs to support that baby?! Katie annoys the crap out of me. She's such a bitch about everything and I feel awful for Joey. I watched a 16 and Pregnant where are they now thing a year or so back and she was talking about how she wished she'd never gotten married and how she threw away everything IN FRONT OF HIM. I just, I can't with her.


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