Monday, September 30, 2013

Ending September the right way...

This weekend way pretty amazing if I do say so myself.
Busy, a little hectic, but amazing.

Friday was my MIL's birthday. Which meant I was providing dinner and birthday cake. I woke up later than expected and ended up running around like a chicken with it's head cut off to get an errand done, pick my nephew up, figure out who all was coming and then get myself up to her house. Once there I had to check her cabinets and my grocery list to see what all I needed to pick up. Once back from Wal Mart, I started cooking right away. I got started about an hour later than I would have liked, so we didn't get to eat til around 8. But, 8 rolled around and we had Chicken Enchiladas, rice (a new recipe I found on Pinterest..I may post later.), and taco meat (for the ones not interested in the enchiladas), and salad. For dessert-when I asked her days before what kind of cake she wanted, she sent me a small list of things that sounded good to her, banana pudding was on it so I decided I would make my first banana pudding. Everyone complimented it, so I have to just trust that it was good. (I don't eat it). To end the night she opened her new pony from us and that was pretty much it. Everyone went home or to bed except Doug & I. We went to walmart, back to our house and back to hers. lol
New Painted Pony for her collection.
Saturday I woke up earlier than expected and spent a couple of hours doing the dishes. I told my MIL not to worry about any of the mess, I made it so I would clean it, & she listened. Doug had gone hunting & my MI & BIL were gone to one of his soccer games, so it was just me, a sinkful & stove top full of dirty dishes, and music. Then we watched College Game Day (since they were finally in Athens), and headed home. I got ready for the show and waited around for my friend that was going with me to get there. I'm glad I was able to watch a bit of the GA game and that I didn't have to miss ALL of it. And on the way to the concert, she and I listened to it on the radio. The concert. Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At The Disco & Fall Out Boy. Ohh, it was so amazing. I actually think that is a huge understatement. I definitely did NOT want it to end. I might do a separate post on it, I'll only took a couple of pics, so those will be in that post. I got 2 texts during the show telling me that the Bulldogs WON! Once the show was over we stopped and got our typical pre or post concert food, Taco Bell, and head towards home. I took her home & got myself home finally at around 1:45 am. Home to an empty house, everyone had left and went to the hunting club. It took a couple of hours for me to come down from my high (aka, adrenaline rush), but once I did, I CRASHED at around 4 something and slept SO good.
Zoom Image
via The G Shop.
Sunday I woke up around 1pm and was still home alone, which was good. No one got home til around 4 I guess. I spent all day on the couch, in front of the TV, on Pinterest. Watched football and then it was time for new shows. Broncos & Lions won! Falcons and Bengals lost. :( 3 out of 5 this weekend. I hope my Falcons can get with it soon.

I'm still not fully recovered. I was a bit grumpy yesterday, I think it was from not fully waking up all day. Today, I've already slept way too late & procrastinated. I really need to make a dreaded dentist appt & go to Food Lion to get more pizzas because myself, my brother and husband love them enough that now that I found them, I get the pleasure of driving to the next county to stock up.
Crazy to think that October is TOMORROW! Wowzers.

So, let's see if I can be productive today!
Happy Monday.

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