Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy 2nd Day of Fall!

I'm so ecstatic!
Fall is my favorite!
Well, and Spring...but I digress.
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This weekend:
Friday was spent mostly in bed. I was sick as hell Thursday, I'm talking woke up that morning sweating & puked up my dinner from the night before & then slept all. damn. day sick. So, Friday was my recover and try to eat something day. We had plans Saturday...but didn't do them. Partially because of rain, partially because I wasn't sure if I'd be better from Thursday. I ended up being fine, which is good cause cancelled plans meant getting to watch the GA game (Dawgs won!) & see my beautiful niece and her mom for the day. Sunday= lazy, but beautiful first day of Fall. Not to mention Football. My Falcons lost right at the last damn minute! That was the only game out of my teams that I actually got to watch. But the Lions won & the Bengals won! WHO DEY! I missed the game, but was so happy they won! NO PACK, NO!

I thought about making a Fall Bucket List. Then I thought about my Summer Bucket List and how feel I didn't do quite as much as I'd like to on it. So, I'm not sure if I wanna...yet.
For now I'll just say I hope there will be at least one corn maze happening, a few more cookouts, at least 2 more concerts (actually those are for sure), pumpkin carving, halloween celebrating, family time, turkey eatin' & birthday celebrating going on. And maybe some hunting (shh, don't let anyone in my family know that.)

From now 'til Winter (dec.21) there are, I believe, 10 or 11 birthdays of loved ones. There will be celebrations of sorts for at least 6 or 7 of those, whether it be dinner or a party or sorts.
The 2 major ones are my mom & brother in law. Mom's turning 50 & I have no effin clue what to do for her. She's a homebody that doesn't really talk to or hang out with anyone outside of family. So, I gotta figure something out. My bro in law will be a facking TEENAGER this year. WHAT?!

But for right now I'm planning my nieces' princess party. This makes me happy and so sad at the same time.
Normally you can know pretty much what a kid will like...we don't have that luxury because she and her mom live a couple of counties away and come up once a month if we're lucky. Twice if we're really lucky. I wish I could spend the time with her that I do, or did, with my nephew. :( Anyway, she wants a princess party, so a small princess party she'll get. I think mom & I are gonna go looking around for stuff today.
I've also got to figure out something to do for my Granny & my Grandma (yes, two different ones) in the next week or so. But I have some ideas.

I hope I have a good week. We have a lot that needs to be done. The house needs to be deep cleaned. I'm motivated at this very second, but that could very well change in about 10 minutes. Ugh.

Anywho, off to maybe do stuff!
Have a great Monday!
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I kind of LOVE this quote.

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