Sunday, November 25, 2012

That's My Dawgs!

Now that Saturday football is over. I'm truly sad that there is only one (a possibility of 2 more games) for my Dawgs...but the upside...there IS another game...THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!
I am so happy for these guys. I love this team, whole-heartedly.
Rambo & Ogletree were both in beast mode today! And Gurshall! Both of those guys are just ahhhmazing. Love watching them run the ball in. I was just pretty much happy with everything from them today.
Tech was having a terrible season anyway. That still doesn't stop me from saying THWGT! ;)
A little rundown of a couple of other teams...(i didn't keep up with every detail of other games today, so excuse me a bit if there is a little ignorance mixed with my bliss ;) )
So, it would have been IDEAL if the Gators would have lost to the Noles, for the simple sake of them losing ranks...what can I say....Gator Hater, here.
Gamecocks pulled out a W against Clemson...which I partially expected.
I can't help but to say I wish Notre Dame would have lost....but alas, USC didn't pull it together...that last drive was awful! Anyway...The fighting Irish won, of course, and remain undefeated. I guess starting their season off over in Dublin really did give them the Luck of the Irish!
A&M beat Mizzou...can't say I'm too surprised at that. Out of the 2, Texas is the stronger one.
LSU played Friday..& beat Arky....I haven't followed Ark. that much...but from what I remember they haven't had the best season either..
It'll be interesting to see the BCS rankings tomorrow (or today if you're technical).
So...let just get to the real competition.
Bama...of course they beat Auburn. A blow out.
GA vs. AL in the SEC Champ. game...if I'm being 100% honest. I'm a wee bit worried. Bama has been a powerhouse this year. Of course I have faith in my team that if they show up and play, completely focus and very little to NO mistakes, we could win. I believe so...BUT...they'll have to hunker down like no other time this season. My only hope is that IF we do lose to them, I hope it's a fight to the end.
Of course, from there, the winner will them progress to the BCS championship...and play against those undefeated Fighting Irish. I hope it us! Would love to see my boys in a National Championship game!
I will say this...I support the SEC, sooo...even if we don't trump Bama, & they end up winning and heading to the National Championship game, I will root for them.
But until then all you'll hear from me is:

P.S. Completely non-football related..I miss my hubby! He's down at the hunting club with everyone else. He'll be back tomorrow though. Talked to him earlier & he actually told me he missed me'll a little thing, but it made my heart smile. :) Ready for him to be home so we can snuggle.
I'm also ready for him to get a deer. He's not shaving until he gets one (so he thinks) lol. You should have heard all of the "You look like so&so from Duck Dynasty." that he got at Thanksgiving from those who hadn't seen him in a little while. I'm so ready for my "mountain man" to be back to my clean, shaven man. Or at least trim it up ....a lot. LOL He's so sweet though. "I wish I could get you a deer though." Bless his heart, I told him he just has to keep trying & not be discouraged. 
Welp, I am gonna log off from the interwebs now, gotta throw a load of laundry in the dryer & end my night watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. Talk later! :)


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