Friday, November 23, 2012

A Late Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
First and foremost, I have a long list of things that I am Thankful for yesterday, today and EVERYDAY
We did our first dinner on Wednesday with my side of the family and it was so good, both the food and family time. Some great talks, mostly between myself, my aunt, my cousins & my mom about our celeb. crushes & who we do and don't think is hot. For instance, Charlie Hunnam (now) just doesn't do it for me, but Harry Styles--just let me love you--! Lol,..sorry to our significant others who in the next room. lol
Our second dinner was yesterday with my Hubs' moms side of the family. Always enjoy get togethers there as well. Catching up, eating & then devising a shopping plan.
Ended yesterday with a stop in at Hubs Grandma & Grandpa's house (his dads parents) to see them for a while.
All in all things were fab.
I usually go Black Friday shopping with my mother-, aunt(s)-, cousin(s)-in-law...but I opted out this year. It usually commences at Midnight. However, since big businesses decided to totally disregard (in my opinion) Thanksgiving, I decided to disregard "deals". Thanksgiving is for family, food, football, relaxation, etc...not standing in line & trampling other people. And,..I bet that, on the one day of the year that most people like to announce what they are thankful for, no one told a worker or cashier or whomever "Thank You" know...for working on a holiday that they could/SHOULD be spending with their own families. Talk about losing the meaning of a holiday. :-/
But alas, today is Black Friday, I am joining my aunt & cousin to see Breaking Dawn pt. 2...again. & then I may venture into a few stores since I'll be in the area.
Other than that, my weekend will consist of cleaning and not much else, and I'll take that!
My computer is still out of commission, but I'm still able to use my brothers. And I will posting again tonight. :)
Hope everyone had/has a safe and successful Black Friday. Just keep in mind that it's just things, be nice. I saw a post on FB earlier a friend posted that she had just watched or read a news report about someone threatening to stab people if they didn't calm down & I liked what she said at the end "Materialistic things are always available people, you may not get the Black Friday price, but is your life really worth the risk?" 

Happy Friday! Now everyone can officially start getting into the Christmas spirit! Talk to you all later!

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