Thursday, November 8, 2012

Procrastination at it's finest...

I am one of those people who puts the PRO in PROCRASTINATION! The computer is my biggest ally when it comes to it. I so desperately need to do laundry I'm on my last few items of clothing that match and any way, but yet all I want to do right now, at this moment, is sit here.
Anyway, I really need to take some time to check out more blogs on here. After talking to Tiffany over at The Momma Bear Diaries, who I actually know in person, and having her help me kind of figure some things out (Thanks, again!) I finally have followed a few more people. Now I just have to get out there and "meet" some of these awesome people. I'll get to it, I just have to pick a day to sit and really explore some more.
Compromising at the moment and allowing myself to do nothing until my hubbers gets home, then I'll put my housewife-y hat back on & do laundry (even though HE has plenty of clean clothes -I always put myself last-)
So since I'm procrastinating, doing some street teaming and rambling, I'm thinking about doing a giveaway once I reach a certain number of "likes" on my Sugar, Spice, & Other Things Nice page. I haven't decided on the number yet. & the "prize" would either be a free blanket, or a free diaper cake & a jar or two of candy. Not sure though. We'll see. I know it'll never grow into anything major, but it's a hobby & if I can make a little while providing a product to someone, that's just a plus. Head over to check it out. I also welcome any constructive criticism, just ask that you be respectful. :)
So, yea...hate to randomly end now, but hubs is home which means supper time & I guess laundry time. ;)

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