Monday, November 5, 2012

Need to remotivate myself...again.

We have been in the midst of redoing (or really just finishing) the basement (aka our "apartment") since about the beginning of the year. It's still not done...mainly because of money, but still. It needs to be done. We have the bathroom 98% finished, the hallway is painted and one wall in the living room area is painted; and no work has been done on it since probably close to the beginning of summer. lol I just hate that everything is so expensive. We have the paint for the rest of the living room area and the stairs. We need flooring, we are just using the square peel-and-stick tiles, which is $30.&some change per every box (30 sq.ft.)  & We need enough for the living room/kitchen area, the hallway, & the spare room). And then I'll need paint for the other room (the spare room/my craft room) Those are the BIG things. After all of that we can start fixing things how they need to be. We already have a bed for the spare room. We will need a couch, which is another chunk of money. Before we put the flooring down we will need to check our door because I swear it leaks. And we want a screen/storm door, which aren't exactly cheap. And then, to top it all off. We have a cat, she is litter box trained, Thank God...but from time to time she also thinks the entire basement is her toilet & we'll find areas that she has sprayed. I've been told that having her spayed may calm that. And we also need to have her front claws removed because I am not spending money on a couch for her to tear into, literally. We have bought scratching boards and posts for her & she doesn't use them. So that's 2 vet things, which won't be cheap. UGH! Money, money, money!
AND let's not forget that it's the holiday season. Christmas is approaching. And then me, being me, I refused to not squeezed in some room for fun stuff. (That may seem irresponsible to some, but I think it's important.)
I'm stressing more than I should. I know we can handle it. But when you're sitting here thinking about everything it does get overwhelming. I'm pretty good with managing our money. I just hate to see it go, lol. Even on fun stuff.
So, we are looking at:
  • Paint (hall, living room/kitchen, stairs) 5Gal-$100 (already bought)
  • Flooring (30sqft/box)-$35 (not exactly sure how many of those we need, haven't measured)
  • Paint for spare room, 2Gal -2 diff. colors--60
  • Storm Door- $300
  • Couch- $600-$700 at most (we don't have particular one picked out, just budgeting)
  • odds & ends:
  • blinds, 2 sets, -$22 each
  • &/or curtains- $20 each
  • Dresser for the bathroom- $55 (I know seems like a steep price, but I'm watching it and waiting for a good sale!)
  • Rugs- $100 total (for all rooms), that's steep as well..but I haven't exactly researched rug prices.
  • Side tables- $100 total
  • Sheets (spare room) -$20
  • trim, lighting stuff, other repairs-$200
  • Chairs/Stools-$75/set of 2
  • The rest of the drop ceiling (I think we have everything we need for that though...not sure)-$150 just in case
So If I go with this list/budget, I'm looking at about $2,154. (I did 6 boxes of the tile flooring). That's a lot, I do always over budget & round UP prices instead of actual. But I'm REALLY hoping to not spend that much! While it seems like a lot I try to put in in a bit of perspective, that's doing technically 3 rooms, plus there are those odds and ends that don't necessarily HAVE to be bought. And I didn't even factor in a vet bill.

Thankfully, as I said we already have a bed for the spare room, I have a desk and some table that will be just fine for crafting. We're not making our kitchen area into a kitchen, so that takes a lot of cost away. however we go have a table, so that's good. But that bullet list would get the basement back into livable function so we're not confined to our bedroom when we are down here. Which is another thing. I took our bedroom out of the equation. It will be the VERY last thing done, if I even feel like it.

Anyway, I'm so ready for the basement to be done so I can open the treadmill back up & so I can have somewhere to try the tons of new crafts I want to try!! Those 2 things will surely give me SOMETHING to do while I'm still unsuccessfully trying to find a job. But that's a whole other post all together.
I'm slowly but surely pumping myself back up and ready to go full force and knock it all out, but Doug has to help, I can only do so much on my own. There is plenty of incentive to get it done & the motivation is largely there. Just gotta do it..

Just Do It!

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