Sunday, October 28, 2012

This and that, and GO DAWGS!♥

Had a pretty good week, stressful, but mainly brought on by myself.  Friday was a good ending to it. Doug had a really good day at work & then we went out to dinner & a movie with a couple of friends that we are kind of reconnecting with. We ate Applebees, which was good. Then we went to see Sinister. It's definitely a weird one. I liked it. And then my hubs left me....for the hunting club. He's getting the itch to get a deer since my brother & dad have got their first kill of the season. So he and my brother and a friend headed down about 2am this morning. It never fails, when I spend the night alone, at home, I tend to stay up all night doing nothing but watching TV or on the computer (mainly listening to music). I don't know if it's cause I miss him, or if it's cause I'm enjoying the alone time. -probably both- I don't know.

Today was dedicated to the big game...
All I did was wake up, get ready & sit my booty in front of the TV.
May not have been the prettiest game, but when we were good, we were good. They still need to get their heads in the right place. But to knock off the number 2 team, who is WAS undefeated, not to mention our big rival...YES! I'll take that! Still a lot of work to do though. Hope they hunker down for the rest of the season! Aaron Murray needs to step back just a little & zone in on what he needs to do, his boys also need to do the best to be where they need to be. Would have loved seeing some Murray/TK play today, but that's okay. Jarvis Jones was back on the field which was great for us and him. & My man, Todd Gurley! Love that Gurley man! He was is beast mode today. But, ultimately, Malcolm Mitchell did it for us! That last TD was so needed! One of the biggest downers today, in my opinion, was the shit talking. Just shut your mouth and play, a couple of words exchanged is different from being all up in their face. Be the bigger man! Although, I'm sure in the heat of the moment, it's a little different. Could the whole game have been better, of course; but it could have also been worse. All in all, I'm proud of my boys for not giving up.
I also have to say. I was watching the sport shows before the GA game came on & happened to see the footage of Marcus Lattimore's leg being broken. And--there are just some things you cannot unsee. I can't watch stuff like that. (That MTV show "Scarred", I flat out REFUSED to watch it. No, thank you.) So, I had just happened to look up at the moment they played and & I saw it. I feel sooo bad for him right now. His season was ended early last year due to a torn ACL & he worked and came back from that, and now this?! If the injury report I read is correct he has a broken femur, broken or chipped patella (knee cap), and 4 torn ligaments in his knee. That is brutal. I'll reiterate what several people have said, the sportsmanship shown by both the Gamecocks and the Vols was impressive. He definitely has lots of support though. I don't care who you are a fan, or superfan, don't ever want to see someone hurt like that, on any team, in any sport. I hope he has a speedy and smooth recovery physically and mentally. He really is an asset to the Gamecocks, their biggest asset. He's a good player, no doubt about that.  I'm not a SC fan, but I think I'm sympathetic to them just a little because I have a good friend who is a fan.

Football aside, I have been super clumsy today. At first I didn't think anything about it, but once I started knocking things over by barely touching them with just my fingertips, it hit me. Then it was solidified when I spilt my Mountain Dew right next to (almost on) my moms laptop & then a little over an hour later I spilt cat food all down my steps; I wish that was an exaggeration. I really did not feel like vacuuming the steps at 10 at night, but oh well! haha. I'm winding down from the day now & listening to music. It's always a different kind of quiet when he's not here. It's enjoyable, but at the same time, not so much. I want his company. But, I hope he's having fun & hope he gets him/us a deer in the morning!

So, Friday & Saturday have been great. I'm pulling for a good Sunday as well! Hoping my Falcons & Broncos call pull W's. Doug will be back home & I'm currently looking up gator recipes. We will be having gator bites for supper tomorrow. It seems appropriate with our team just spanking them from their undefeated-ness, & we haven't cooked the gator that my brother got from his hunt yet, so, it all works out. I don't like seafood or fish,..pretty much anything out of the water, but I HAVE tried gator'll see if I try them again. lol It's also our first time cooking gator, so, wish us luck that it's edible! Seems fool proof.

Anywhooo, I could probably ramble on, but I'll stop there for now.

**OH, I Just had a friend make my night! But poor Doug, it's yet another concert that I want to go to next year. Gotta make it happen!!

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