Thursday, November 14, 2013

I want to write a song...

I'm not saying I could be some kind of lyrical genius.
I won't even say I'm a poet or anything.
I can't sing.
I wouldn't be able to put a beat together for a demo, or whatever.
But, I do. I want to write a song. Or two.

I have several thoughts that pop into my head that I think might work in one.
I'm observant, so even though I may not write about my own happenings, I find inspiration from others.

My fears (if I were to actually try):
-There are so many genres, so many musicians, etc. that there are a long of songs that seems so unoriginal. I'd probably fall into that unoriginal category.
- Having lyrics that are too similar to already existing songs.
-I never have (can't) write music (or play music for that matter). Or sing. Both of which are usually helpful when songwriting.

So why do I even want to?
The challenge of it, to challenge myself. I like writing but I honestly haven't really written since I was in school. I've lost my touch with it. I was never amazing at it. But I could write a poem or short story. Of course, this was all back in my school days, so criteria and all has changed & something that was good then can be shit now.
But I've kind of wanted to get back into writing a little. It's not a SUPER passion or anything, but it can be fun and therapeutic & when you have a head full of thoughts or whatever the hell else is floating around in there, it's good to get them out.

It's not like I'm wanting or expecting to write a hit & have a label pick it up & an artist bring it to life. (Although, let's be honest, that'd be pretty awesome, amirite?!) I just want to see if I can even do it. To see if  I can basically write a poem that can be sang. haha.

It's something to think about.

So, as I sit here thinking about music, I'm mean it's almost always on my mind.
Songs. Lyrics. Instruments. Beats.

About those songs, and those lyrics...
I was wondering...
What makes a good song?

Amazing lyrics? Storytelling? Slow ballad-y feel? Fast paced and dance-y? Rhyming? Not rhyming? Long? Short? Funny and witty? The types of instruments used?
All of the above.
None of the above...

For me, it's all of that.
All of it, and sometimes none of it.

There are songs for every mood, for every emotion, for every occasion.
And I love that.

What about you? What makes a good song to you? What are some of your favorite songs and/or lyrics?


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  1. If the music and/or words give me goosebumps, I love it. Plain and simple. Although there's a lot of music that doesn't that I still love. But when I get goosebumps, that's awesome.

    It's impossible to find favorite bands/songs for me. It all depends on my mood, what I'm doing, and if I'm alone or not. :)


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