Wednesday, February 12, 2014


any of you ladies do Zumba?
My bestest started it about a month ago and she is loving it. She's been urging me to try it because she knows that I love dancing as much as she does. Problem is, my confidence with dancing is zilch nowadays.
But, as I've mentioned before.
I have already bought 2 dance DVD's.
Well more than that, one of them is the Step Up Revolution DVD & the other is the Hip Hop Abs set.
Anywho...I have being thinking about Zumba.
I think I'm going to get a DVD and check into it more.

But the main reason I'm even talking about it is because I stumbled across a Facebook page that is a girl that posts video of her routines. They look like a lot of fun and a good workout & I just wanted to share it with all of y'all.
Go check out & "Like" her page HERE!
Her name is Jessica and she looks amazing! You can tell she put a lot into working out & she likes what she does. She's apparently been teaching Zumba for like 3 years. I kind of want to learn some of her dances/routines!
I like her "Timber" dance & her "Go Buck" dance.

I haven't weighed in on here in a bit,...
let's see where I am...
Last week & the week before I was at 154.1
Today I am at 152.6

Didn't expect that. At all. I won't even lie.

I feel like my endurance it pretty good, about time to challenge myself a little further, as far as cardio and how long I can do it.
I don't feel smaller or much better in terms of being in shape. I still have quite a few days of feeling bloated. Then every so often I have a "small day". I'm ready for those to be more frequent. I'm not pushing myself enough right now, other than on the treadmill. I really need to dive into more strength and toning.
Doug & I went to Dick's to checkout workout equipment like dumb bells and such & I need to go buy some more.  He's also back on the workout train again. & he's feelin' it. He's starting slow as well, I think that's key. Now I just have to help him get a handle on his portions again. Boy can eat, which, honestly...if I weren't watchin portions, I could too. Love food. lol

I haven't posted a playlist in a couple of weeks. Here is the first one I posted.
So here's another...
Let's go for POP this time...
(in no particular order)

1. Pitbull & Kesha- Timber
2. Ellie Goulding- Burn
3. Aloe Blacc- The Man (loooove this song!)
4. Ed Sheeran- You Need Me, I Don't Need You
5. Jessie J- Do It Like A Dude
6. Cher Lloyd- Swagger Jagger
7. Britney Spears- Work Bitch
8. Avicii- Wake Me Up
9. Little Mix- Move
10. Alex Clare- Too Close
11. Little Mix- Wings
12. Zendaya- Replay
13. Ollie Murs- Troublemaker
14. Demi Lovato- Neon Lights
15. Kesha- Blow

If you would like to suggests any songs, I'm always open to them. Any and all genres welcome here.

Welp, off to sit around and wait to go play in the snow.
Snowpocalypse for us in North GA. I'm gonna try to not snack my way throw the next couple of days. That's all I want to do. haha.


  1. LOVEEE ZUMBA!! I was so scared to go. Tons of people begged me. I finally gave in and went with a girl from work.

    I look forward to it each week!! I as afraid people would judge my lack of coordination etc, but everyone is too focused on looking at the instructor to even notice what your doing let alone if you are doing it wrong.

    try it out.
    HIGHLY recommend!

  2. Woohoo!!! I love me some Zumba!!!! I am actually a certified instructor so I may be a bit biased! But it is so much fun and you don't even realize you're working out! :)


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