Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pre-Order sure to be amazing Album..& 30 Miles in 30 Days.

So, you know what's been happening a lot lately? Post ideas.

But you know what happens when I sit down to type them out? They disappear.

To say I'm a bit unorganized lately is almost an understatement. So, since I can't remember what I was wanting to post about today....

I'm just gonna advertise for my favorite punk ass dudes from Nashville. Framing Hanley, that is.
Photo by: Krystl Vest
You're supposed to write what you're passionate about right? One of the things I am passionate about is them. So...
You've heard me mention them & will continue hearing about them around these parts.

They are in the home stretch of their album being released. It has been mastered and is pretty much complete. The release date is April 29th. Today they launched Pre-sale packages. Which are pretty sweet deals. I don't know how many of you like Alternative Rock, but I do (and always will) recommend you checking them out.
And if you like what you hear, and would like to support them, please do.
I can promise you that they are genuine guys. So nice & extremely appreciative of their fans. I know that from personal experience. They're amazing.
There is a little thing on the side of my page where you can listen to 3 of their new ones & even click to get them for FREE right now. All you do is follow the instructions and you get an email with them.
Here is the link for the PRE-ORDERS.
& Here is their Website, Website 2, FB, & Twitter.

& I'm going to attempt this link-up for February. Even though I started like 4 days later. I can't guarantee I'll make it to 30 but I'm going to try! :-)

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie
Feb. 1-3: 0
Feb. 4: 2.2
Feb. 5: 2.2
Total: 4.4
Sorry loves, that's all I got today.

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