Friday, February 7, 2014

Let's Get Fiscal!

Oh money...

So Erin and some of her gal pals posed a challenge: No Spend January.
Meaning, don't spend any (or too much) money on non-necessities.
And then link up with results. I'm a few days late, but luckily the link up is still open.

So, how did I do?
OK....Just OK.

My main goal was to recover from the sting of Christmas.
Somehow Christmas got us hard, so my account was too low for my comfort.

Did I achieve that?
If I'm being completely honest...not really.
Who am I kidding? NO.

No excuses, though.
I did budget out our bills, groceries, weekly cash and even my friends birthday because I knew I would spend money for it.

So where did I go wrong?
My organization.
100%. I was not as organized as I needed to be.

I will say, looking at my check register,...
There were only about 4 things I see right off the bat that would maybe be considered not necessary. All of which are food, 2 of them are from Doug grabbing lunch.
And then there is 1 that isn't really necessary, but I keep it there because it's part of a hobby I guess you could say. And then 1 thing that I budgeted out, but went over the amount I budgeted.
And then the money spent on the doctor and meds and recovery junk from my ear & sinus infection at he beginning of the month. Just was an unexpected expense.
And then there is Wal Mart. Ohh, Wal Mart. Such a money pit. In my defense, honestly most things bought were needed. Not all, but most.

So, I definitely know where our faults are. Which helps when saving money. You don't want to be oblivious.

My account is still only about 50% of what I'd like it to be. And that's just my "bottom dollar amount".
I would be more comfortable if it were about 150% to maybe 200% more than what it is.

Thank God it's tax time. That will maybe help at least get up back to "comfortable" levels.

I am proud that this year I have recommitted to keeping up with it all in my check register again. Call me a bit old fashioned, but I had always did that and it helped. I just fell off of doing it for a a few years...

So, yeah. I won't say I failed at no-spend month, because I tried and held myself and my husband accountable. I do want to do it again. But I will have to wait a month or two. This month I am making myself go to the dentist to get that whole process started. Ugh. I'm scared and hate to see the amount that's goin to go out to that. We also have a couple of other things I'm sure we'll go ahead and do, or start, this month.
I did hold off on buying any concert tickets in January though. Do you know how hard that was? I'm dead serious. That was a good accomplishment on it's own. I am making a list though to see which ones I really do want to go to and to see if it's really possible. Which is no different from the way I was before.
I'm a saver anyway. So, this is nothing new to me. And if you read my post from last year, it's apparent. My daddy taught me how to be smart with money & I have always tried to harness that knowledge and I do pretty damn good at it.

Love, Fun and Football

Let's talk savings!
I saw where the 52 Week Saving Challenge has been going around like wildfire on Pinterest and FB.
Is anyone doing it this year?
I 100% recommend it.
Doug & I did it last year, and let me tell you. Come January, to have that amount of money to deposit in our savings account was such a great and proud feeling. As I just said, I'm a saver, so I was just so happy. Nerd alert. lol
And because I'm a saver, we had a little more than the amount that it says you will end up with at 52 weeks.
What we did was...
-The 52 Week Challenge envelope, then inside that envelope I had a "Double Down" Envelope with another print out of the plan. The DD envelope was a 2nd 52 week plan. So, we were doing 2 at the same time, only the DD wasn't a was just for extra. We didn't complete it, I don't even think we reached the halfway mark but, it doesn't matter. Any money in that was extra to be added to the completed 52 wk amount.
and of course,
-Piggy Banks. I have a couple. We save change. Change adds up. I keep it, count it, roll it and deposit it. Again, it's a little extra.

This Year...
We are doing the 52 weeks + Double Down again. (& if I get a job maybe even a "triple" envelope), along with piggy banks and my other envelopes.
I'm telling you, I swear by the envelopes.
Apparently that's also some advice that Dave Ramsey gives? I honestly had no idea, but I love it. I've been telling people to do that for YEARS, so the fact that someone who advises people on how to slash debt and save money says to do the same thing makes me happy. Great minds think alike, Dave!

I know with two incomes the amounts that we save will be a little bigger, but no matter how big or small, I'm always proud that I am good at saving. There are so many people that are my age or younger (hell, even some older) that have so much trouble saving money. It's really easy if you just set your mind to it & DO IT.

Anyone can save money. I promise. You just have to keep a good mindset and a good handle on your finances.

So, what are your financial goals and are they going pretty well so far? Are you doing any savings plans to help you save money?!
I'd love to hear!

Happy Friday & Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. I should really do the savings challenge. Maybe I'll start in June and see how I do with half a year.

    Walmart and Target are total pits that want all of our money!

    Thanks for linking up!


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