Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Is it time for bed yet?

Is it bad that I want to be done with today already?
Not that it's necessarily bad.
I'm just in the mood to be warm and cozy in my room.
And let's be honest, if I'm in my room, I'll more than likely be in my bed.

I'm also trying not to worry about myself with these stupid ass headaches.
I hate talking about what's wrong with me because I feel like here lately there is always something.
I'm more so annoyed that I'll probably end up having to go to the Dr because I'm not down with random headache/neckaches reoccurring.

I have been a terrible blogger lately. No doubt about it.
I honestly haven't had much to talk about, or so I feel.
So,...ya know...
I've just been reading others and commenting here and there.

I asked 3 times last week for song suggestions for a workout playlist.
I got a few people who answered, to them, Thank You.
So, I also decided to go through my 1200+ songs on my mp3 player to pick some.
I'm going to break them up into multiple lists.

Today's is rock. More of a "harder" rock selection, so if this isn't up your alley, it's okay. Feel free to still throw out suggestions.

So, in no specific order...

1. Trapt- Headstrong
2. Three Days Grace- Pain
3. Chevelle- The Red
4. Bullet for My Valentine- Your Betrayal
5. In This Moment- Adrenalize
6. Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare
7. Marilyn Manson- The Nobodies
8. Linkin Park- Papercut
9. Breaking Benjamin- I Will Not Bow
10. Limp Bizkit- Break Stuff
11. Staind- Mudshovel
12. The Used- Take It Away
13. My Chemical Romance- I'm Not Okay
14. Taproot- Poem
15. Korn- Coming Undone

Thanks to Jordan for her suggestions.

Now, I need to motivate myself to get back on the treadmill tonight. I have made excuse after excuse the last couple of days and I can tell the consequences. That & I had a tiny gain this week instead of a loss or a repeat weight. No good for me. But, no ones fault but my own.
Once I get that treadmill time in THEN I can call it a day. Right?

Happy Humpday everyone.



  1. Just found your blog today through the link up! Those are great suggestions!

  2. YES! Staind - Mudshovel got added to mine this week! Such a great throwback. Your Betrayal is SO good too.


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