Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It was just...good.

Last weekend that is.

Weekend re-cap on Wednesday. Yeaauhhh.

Friday my PIC and I were supposed to go shopping.
Little did we know we would end up spending almost 4 hours at the Salon getting her hair done.
Oh well, we still went out to eat and hit up Wal Mart.

Saturday though, Saturday we for damn sure went shopping.
A good 5 hours worth.
And I needed it. Not the shopping, necessarily, but the hang time. The time away from home. The laughing. The silliness. And yes, the shopping was good-duh.
I didn't even get home til almost midnight. And I needed it.

Sunday. Sunday was supposed to be all about being at home.
However, we had a deer feeder that Doug wanted to take to his moms & we needed a few last minute things.
His mom and bro weren't home when we got there, and she had left her bigger dog (Cody) in the house. Big mistake. He has separation anxiety and lets just say he like to make a mess. (And lets be honest, Boomer the newest little puppy likes to chew too, if Cody gets it, Boomer will help destroy...)
I walked in the house to see 2 pans in the floor, a banana, a chewed up Ziploc bag, a chewed up measuring cup, dish sponge, a shredded pencil, pieces of a pen, a whole roll of paper towels on the floor and some of them scattered around the floor. Then there was a spot of pee and some poop. Those were more than likely Boomers gifts.
SO, I don't know what clicked in me, but I cleaned her house. After Doug picked up the poop. (Fun fact, I usually can't pick up dog poop unless I am the only one there -in other words unless I have to- I can't stand it.)
I cleaned the mess, vacuumed, swept, folded clothes and started a new load. & Was glad that she'd get to come home to a pretty much clean house.
We got home & got everything ready for the Super Bowl. By that I mean all the food was cooked.
Everyone knows how the Bowl went. I honestly don't even know what to say. I could have cried. I could have, if I hadn't been feeling so good thanks to Sarah's Super Bowl drinking game. I only got myself a six pack of Redd's (Strawberry) for the game. A SIX PACK. And by the time I was about 4ish in I was good, but I finished the whole 6 pack. Then a swig or two of 'shine sealed the deal. The loss didn't sting as bad at that point. And according to everyone at my house (which was just everyone that lives here anyway) I was quite comical. WHATEVA!
The halftime show was amazing. I wasn't really impressed by many the commercials. Some of my favorites were the Budweiser Puppy Love one (they always have the cutest commercials), the Dale Jr hunting one, The doritos time machine one was pretty good. And the Radio Shack one "The 80's called, they want their store back."...umm...that's all that's coming to mind at the moment.
Congratulations Seahawks and Seahawk fans!!

Pretty sure people expected me to sleep all day Monday, but I was awake by 9 and up and at 'em by 10. Booyah mothafuckas!

In short, this weekend was much needed.
It was good.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. From the posts I read it looks likes everyone did. :-)



  1. I agree with you on the Superbowl. Halftime show rocked, commercials...not so much... and those poor Broncos. I was rooting for them.

  2. We had queso and cupcakes too! Ahhhh now I want some.


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