Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An idea of who I am...

First of all, I added an "about me" page. But I'll be a little more in depth here...
As I've mentioned, my name is Brandy. Although growing up I would have thought my name was Sissy. I literally go by that name informally. Anyone close to me, or who has known me my whole life addresses me by it. I'm 24. I'm quiet, shy, a bit reserved...until I get to know you. I'm definitely a weirdo, you'll come to know that. I can also be quiet the bitch, again, you'll be able to tell that too. I speak sarcasm, fluently. I'm not perfect in any way other than being perfectly flawed. But all in all I like to think I'm a fun, kind-hearted person. I've always been one of the people that my friends come to to talk or ask advice, so I like to think I'm a good listener & advice-giver.
I’m from a lovely small, tourist, college town in the foothills of the mountains in North Georgia. I love my town. I am married to one of my best friends, we met in 2003 through my brother and after being friends for 6 months we decided to start “going out” & we have been together ever since. We finally married last year -2011- on our 8 year anniversary.
My family is Number 1. They drive me crazy but I know -most of the time- it’s out of love. I'm from a  family of hunters and fishermen. I’m an Aunt, which is one of the toughest but best roles in my life. I have not -yet- been blessed with a child of my own, but that’s something I will address later. So, in the meantime Mine & Doug’s little family consists of: myself, Doug & our 3 fur babies; Trixie is our Chihuahua, Bella is our Puggle & Sugar is our cat.
We currently live at home with my parents since we are a one income couple, it would be challenging for us to afford our own place at this point in time. So, we’re very thankful that they allow us to have the entire basement. So we kind of have an apartment, it‘s just in the basement of my parents house. But, it works for us right now, it’s 2 rooms, a living room and a bathroom (we use the kitchen upstairs).
My best friend, sister, other half is Amanda. She currently lives in Florida. We met in 5th grade and quickly became inseparable. She moved away in 2001 & since then we have made every effort possible to maintain the closeness of our friendship--and it’s worked! I would seriously be lost without her! Her kids are 2 of my God Kids & they are just the cutest munchkins!
Among many things that I love,..I absolutely L-O-V-E 2 things (beside family & friends) & they are Photography & Music. If I could dedicate my life in some aspect to those two things, I probably would. My ultimate dream would be to be a music photographer. Either a musician portrait photographer or an in-house photographer for a band/artist. Growing up I always had a camera attached to my hand/face. As I grew up, my love for photography grew into basically an obsession. I truly see the world differently. I love being able to capture a moment in time or a memory to hold forever. I do believe that I have a talent when it comes to photography. As for music, I wasn’t blessed with a voice or any other musical talent really, but my love for it is infinite. Music drives me--daily. Being able to have a song, or lyric, for every mood, or that suites everyday or occasion is amazing. I support tons of artists, I love a wide spectrum of music -Thanks Mom & Dad for that!-. There is one band in particular that I actively try to help promote, but I will save all that for a different post.
So, among the many things I’ll post about, photography & music will definitely be talked about a lot. I may even share some of my stuff. ;)

Well this is just a little about me. This whole blog will be getting to know me little by little.

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