Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Started

Hi! So, my name is Brandy...
I am no stranger to blogging, but my other ones --which shall remain nameless to everyone, so don't ask-- are different. However, I have never tried a legitimate blog. What I mean by that is posting regularly, whether it be every day, every other day, twice a week, whatever. I'm a stay at home wife at the moment who needs something "productive" to do, I brought up this idea to my husband and he supported it.
So, this is for any and everything that comes to my mind, could be personal, social, media, etc., etc. I just like to rant and rave & share things that I love. So one day it may be how my husband, or whoever else, is driving me crazy, and the next it may be about my favorite TV show. :) Just every aspect of my life!
So, I'm just getting everything started. I'll get an "about me" up soon and get a plan for posts ready and all that good stuff. I already have many topics in mind to talk about, outside of my personal life. ;)
I'm super excited about this!


  1. awwww, yay! You will love having a personal blog like this! It can honestly be so theraputic sometimes! I hope everything is great therein Ga!

    1. Thank you! My other blog was theraputic but I didn't post regularly and it became more for fun and complete and total nonsense, like just pictures of stupid stuff...haha, so I'm going to attepmt to do this one differently! I want it to be personal and theraputic, but fun also. Things are great in GA, just dealing with our transitional summer-fall-winter weather where it's hot one day, freezing the next day, and perfect the day after that. lol
      I had no idea you moved! Hope all is well your way also!


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