Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Framing Hanley

I mentioned that there was one band in particular that I try to promote.
This is them..

They are Framing Hanley. They are 5 piece rock band from Nashville, TN, consisting of 5 crazy dudes; Nixon, Brandon, Chris, Luke, and Ryan. While they are known, I believe they are underrated. They are unfortunately identified largely with a song that they covered 4 years ago, but if you take the chance to look pass that, they are amazing musicians. Their love for their music, and for music in general, shows.
I love these guys.

I’ve only been to 4 shows in the past 2 years but I try to support them as much as possible.
Instead of posting all of links I’ll just make it easy and post their some of their videos here and just ask that you take a few minutes to watch them. Check them out. They really are amazing artists.
Framing Hanley- Hear Me Now

Framing Hanley- You Stupid Girl

Framing Hanley- Back To Go Again

Outside of their music they’re a great bunch of guys. Humble, loving, and appreciative.
They have 2 albums, ’The Moment’(2008) and ’A Promise To Burn’(2010), under their belt, they have been blessed with being able to tour the US, UK/Ireland and Australia.
The music business is a pretty tough place these days. They parted ways with their record label before they could get back in the studio. Coming down to their last resort, they decided to do a kickstarter (a website that allows musician, artists, entrepreneurs, anyone with a creative idea to describe what it is they want to achieve and offer incentives to people to help fund their projects)  fundraiser to help them out a with their next album & tour. We achieved and surpassed the goal they had set and now they are currently in the midst of album number 3, called The Sum of Who We Are, which is dedicated to their fans.  :)
These are our guys and we have grown to love them and their loved ones. This fan base is very much a family of sorts. We're protective of them. We are FHamily & FHans [[FH(Framing Hanley)+ fans/family= FHans and FHamily]]
They’re very over looked or only seen (or heard) for their cover of this song….

Yea, this is "that rock band that covered 'Lollipop'". But they are so much more than that.
Take the time to listen to a few songs. If you find any that you like, then I’ve done my job as a fan & street team member.
Also listen to the following songs:
Fool With Dream, Alone In This Bed, Weight of the World (perfect song for when you are really overwhelmed in life), Slow Dance, The Promise, & Built For Sin.
And if you like those listen to more! Or you can ask me for other song suggestions. (But honestly I really do suggest them all!)

To hear a couple of their new songs click on these links.
Flight Risk- if you click to listen to this, read the story under it, anyone who has ever been affected by losing a loved one to cancer..or anything really..can probably relate.
Unbreakable -beautiful relationship song. I'm in love with this one.

"Like" their Facebook Page!
Follow them on Twitter!
Subscribe to their YouTube Page!
And more importantly, SPREAD THE WORD! Post a video, tell a friend about them!

And also follow these two pages on twitter as well::
FHFans is the twitter for the official fan site which is ran by 3 awesome guys named Dustin, Mike & Bobby.
FH StreetTeam is the twitter for the official street team, it is run by myself and 6 other people who are Jenn, Jon, Christy (doot), Deanna, Manda, and our only UK correspondent, Claire.

If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask. :)

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