Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sugar, Spice & Other Things Nice…my little business.

In 2008 I made my first diaper cake for my best friend who was pregnant with my first God Son, as a complete surprise to her. And she loved it. I made a couple more after that, all as gifts for friends. I had always received lot of compliments on them & after being told I should sell them, I thought, “well…why not give it a try?” That’s how Sugar, Spice & Other Things Nice came about in 2010.
Needless to say, business isn’t really booming. Which is what I feared would happen; diaper cakes are a bit on the expensive side. A couple of months ago I quietly made the decision to myself that I should probably just stop, so I did. BUT, with this new blog, I am going to put myself out there, again, in hopes that maybe I can reach more people. Facebook is great, but kind of limited (unless you can somehow get your name spread around). I hadn’t even bothered to set up a paypal because nothing was really happening. So, in many ways I’m still in my “start up” phase of business. There are still details to be ironed out. I have also never mailed a diaper cake, so my fear of them falling apart in transit got the best of me. I am willing to try though.
I still have the fear that nothing will come of it, I probably still won’t set up paypal until I see something happening; that's just my insecurities coming out. But, you can’t succeed if you don’t try, of course, “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again!” So this is me trying again.
So, now that I’ve expressed my fear, let’s talk about happy stuff!

What we sell?
Custom Diaper Cakes, Homemade Hard/Rock Candy (made by my mom & I), & Tie Blankets.

About my diaper cakes:

I work and talk with you to try to figure out what theme you would like your diaper cake to be. Diaper cakes are on the expensive side, it’s really hard to make them cheap without losing money myself. So, I always say it would make a good group gift, if 2 or 3 (or more!) people want to chip in and have a cake made. They are cute baby shower decoration & even baby room decorations. The majority of items are usable baby items, I only say that because of the ribbons & other small decorations.
*I DO ask that you contact me WELL in advance of the shower, or occasion, so that we have plenty of time to figure out a direction, I can locate and buy all I need (in some cases some things may need to be ordered), and time for my to figure out packaging and mailing. So, I would like to know at the very least 5-6 weeks in advance.
**Prices vary and are based on materials+labor/time+s&h.

Our hard/rock candy:

I have been eating this stuff since I was a kid, my granny used to make it. Now my mom and I make it for family and friends, usually around holidays. When I started my page, we decided to offer the candy too. There are a lot of different flavors available. At this time we are only selling 8 oz jars. They are $3.50 each, at the moment I’m only charging $4 for shipping.
*Price is determined based on material+time/labor+s&h.

No-sew, tie blankets:

These are just as they sound, blankets that are tied and not sewn. They are made out of fleece material. Pick just about any pattern you want, but remember that I may have to order the material. I made one as a gift & figured it was easy enough to offer it as well. They are easy to make.
*Prices vary and are based on material+time/labor+s&h.

I’m inviting you to come “Like” my page -> Sugar, Spice & Other Things Nice
Check it out, read the notes (the Candy note has a list of all of the flavors available), look my other photos.
As I said, I’m kind of still in my “start-up” phase still. So not everything is concrete.
*Prices are subject to change.

I'm also hoping to add some more to it, don't want to elaborate just yet. I'm working with very limited space so I don't have a consistant work area right now.

Thank you in advance for checking it out. I would be so appreciative if you would share it with others!!


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