Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Fall"ing Apart?

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons of the year.
So a couple of months ago with the summer ending & fall approaching there were a few things that I was looking forward to this fall…

I’ve missed them all.

First was Nopi National.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Nopi Nationals is the Supershow of car shows. The last one was in 2008, they announced they were not doing the show anymore due to the economy being so bad. Since then I have been hoping they would try to bring it back. Last August I even emailed them asking if they had any plans or hopes of reviving it. At the time the answer was unsure -pretty much a no in my opinion-. Fast forward to April and I got an email announcing the return of Nopi Nationals. I was SO happy & Doug & I decided on the spot we were no doubt going.
We didn’t. The reason? My brother was picked for a gator hunt, he invited my dad and Doug to join. Doug didn’t want to pass it up, since it might be the only chance he ever gets to do that, & I didn’t want to say no for the same reason. And I knew it’d be a great experience. It was worth it though. They had fun and my brother got a 5’10” gator. With that being said…I told him next year, if it comes back, we’re going.

Second was the Cumming Fair.
I mean it’s just a fair & I don’t go every single year. But this year I wanted to.
We didn’t. Mainly because Doug had had a couple of stressful weeks at work & I wasn’t going to demand he come home from working all day and get ready so we can rush to the fair. I’m okay with this missing it because it happens every year, but I still just really wanted to go.

Third was Gold Rush.
My town hosts a 2 day festival every single year. It’s always on the 3rd weekend in October. (which was this past Saturday & Sunday). The town is shut down, booths are put up everywhere, there’s a parade, a carnival area. It’s crowded, things are over-priced, but it’s still somehow always fun. I have not missed Gold Rush in at LEAST 12 years….
This year I missed not one, but both days. SO. MAD…and why? Because I am SICK. I woke up Thursday sick & it has beaten me down ever since. Started as a sore, raw throat, moved to my head/sinuses, then moved to my chest & then it just kinda hit all 3. I’ve taken about 6 different kinds of medications to fight it off & even tried to get a dr appt (which for my stubborn ass, is saying something)..of course they couldn’t see me today, so whatever. But I’m feeling alright right now. I’m hoping, HOPING, that it’s backing down.

But one of the main things that I am upset about…actually happened during the summer…& it was visitn my best friend…Over the summer I found out that the last week of August I would the opportunity to visit my best friend for an entire week, alone. Before I even told her about it we were talking online one night & she was telling me about how she was taking a week off of work soon…I asked her when and it just so happened that it was the exact same week I would be able to be there…so I got super excited and told her about it & then she got excited!
Didn’t happen. Why? Because of one of the hurricanes…whichever one was set to make landfall around the Destin, FL area the last week of August. See what was going to happen is my dad was going to drop me off at my friends (she lives near Jacksonville) & then he had to travel to Destin for work for the week. Well with the threat of the hurricane his work trip was canceled ,therefore so was my trip. AND, I’m pretty sure whichever hurricane it was pretty much didn’t affect Destin too much, if at all! Total devastation! 

The good things out of all of these are; 1- I know I’ll get to see her again, we usually see each other 1 to 2 weekends out of the year (at least)…it’s just not TOO often we get a full week. 2- My husband had a great experience & dudes trip, gator hunting & let's face it, what wife doesn't like to see her husband happy and having life experiences as well. 3- The fair comes every year, & maybe next year the music line-up will be better. 4- Gold Rush happens every year, plus everyone said that this year it seemed way more crowded. & 5- Doesn’t really have much to do with my rant, but the quality time Doug and I have spent together  means a lot.

I was just sitting around thinking about all of this Some of it may seem trivial, but still.  It matters to me. With all that said, I’m gonna continue fighting this beast of a cold & look forward to the rest of Fall & Winter, and the Holidays.

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