Friday, April 25, 2014


I mean REALLY procrastinating.
Right now I should be doing laundry and packing. But what would I rather do? Eat and sleep. Merp.
Hello anxiety.
Anytime there is any kind of travel going on, my anxiety shoots up, I get the BGs, and all around unmotivated. And so that's exactly where I am now.
My tiredness could also have something to do with not getting home until 2am or not getting to sleep until about 3 or so.
Anyway, I'm just going through the motions right now, I'll get excited again soon...I hope.
Let's get on with this shizzz.

reading... Facebook, blogger, twitter, whatever is in my line of vision at the moment. As far as books, I'm slowly reading "Jesus > Religion" by Jefferson Bethke (the guy who made this video). I've had it for a few months am only a few chapters in. See also I'm being a slack ass when it comes to reading..We won't even talk about "The Book Of Lost Things" that I have yet to finish.

trying... to keep this anxiety at bay. Ughh. And to get motivated to start moving.

eating... hamburger helper, mashed potatoes and a roll

drinking... Bud Select

calling... My cousin back.

doing... laundry

going... to Tennessee, baby.

thinking... About way too much. My Grandma isn't doing well, they're not sure she has much longer. Then this trip and being anxious about it & exhausted just knowing the events happening in the next 6 days. My husband. Finances. Life. BLEH. I honestly think I need a good cry. Just one of those let it ALLL out ones.

feeling... Numb.

hoping for... My Grandma to be doing well. For this trip to go smoothly.

listening to... Cody Carson's voice. lol. Set It Off is stuck in my brain so therefore I have to listen to it, repetitively.

celebrating... Framing Hanley...for the next 5 days! (I have their album that's due out on Tuesday & it's fantastic!)

smelling... nothing, I rinsed everyone's pollen coated cars off earlier & I'm pretty sure the wind blew half of it back in my face, so I'm a wee bit stuffy at the moment. But on the bright side, I got some vitamin D. That's always good.

thanking... you all, just for being you. Oh, and to any of y'all that follow me on Twitter. I don't know how much FH I've talked about lately, so, I only slightly apologize. ;-) But, still if you follow and put up with it, THANKS! :-)

finishing... this post.

starting... to pack, I guess.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I would say I'll probably be MIA for a little bit, but fuck, that'd be nothing new for me right now. :-|

But, I'll be back.


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