Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Numbers of life, currently...

Hi, there! Slacky, here. You know how when you get back from a trip you're just flat out exhausted? That's me. We took a weekender to Florida from Friday-Sunday, so I've had a couple of days to recuperate already but, fack, I'm just tired! My energy is at about a 1...maybe a 2, for whatever reason. Anyway, I'll maybe do a separate small post on that trip. Sole purpose was to see my bestest again & go to a concert. So, it likely won't be too lengthy.

Speaking of numbers though, last week, Erin did a post called My Life In Numbers & I really like it. It's a neat idea so, I'm going to do my own, only this one is more of a currently/lately as opposed to throughout my whole life. :-)

639 - Number of pictures I took at the concert this weekend.

19 - Number that turned out good enough (not great)

14 or 15 - Approximate number of hours I drove between Friday and Sunday

1 -  Number of people that ended up sick during out weekender.

8 - Amount of hours I slept last night

48545 - amount of hours I want to sleep.

3 - Number of days it's been since my last Mountain Dew. I want one nooowwww.

2 - Number of books that I'm in the middle of reading.

7 - Number of days I need to spend cleaning, purging and organizing everything.

30 - Number of minutes I've actually spent cleaning in the past couple of days. Merp.

8 - Days until my next concert.

10 - Days until my next trip.

5 - Amount of upcoming concerts I already have tickets for.

6 - Number of concerts I'm eyeballing tickets for. Dammit.

2 - number of pounds I've lost since my last weigh in, which is totally unexpected.

55 - Temperature outside.

70 or 75 - Temperature I wish it was. With maybe a slight breeze.

55 - Days 'til we hit 3 years of marriage & 11 years of being together.

0 - Amount of time I've spent exercising lately. Le fail.

5 - Cases of empty jars just waiting on us to make candy.

18 - Number of drafts I have just waiting to be turned into posts.

23 - Number of blog posts I've posted so far this year. That's sad, and needs to change.

And I'll leave you all with this today...
F-You, Mother Nature...
I'm still here!
Miss you all.


  1. LOL! Love the first one about # of pictures.... I'm snap-crazy and always am amazed after a trip or event just how many pics I took!

    Only 40 days until we hit our 3 years of marriage!!:)

  2. Damn girl that's a shit ton of pictures! Hope you get some good rest this weekend!

  3. Yes on the amount of hours you want to sleep. ME TOO! =D


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