Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIW. What's on your playlist?!

Cranking out realllly quick a post while I have the time before finishing up supper.
Shredded chicken tacos, YUM!
It smells sooo good, by the way.

So, it's WIW.

I'm really just posting to ask the same question I asked at the end of my post on Monday, & on IG.

What do you listen to when working out? What song or songs motivate you?
I'm wanting to make a playlist (if I get enough people to answer), so please feel free to give me as many songs as you love! Country, rock, rap, I don't care,'s ALL welcomed!

I'll post on here once I get it. I'm gonna wait til either tomorrow or Friday to see how many, if any, more songs I can get.

If you answer I'll also include a link to you blog in my post, or if you go to my IG and answer I'll leave your IG handle! :-)
I've had a few people answer, so I owe a thank you to them.
And thanks to any of you in advance.

Working out is going okay.
I almost ended up with shin splints last night, but didn't. Thank God.
Jordan posted the other day about being fitted for a proper shoe and I'm now convinced I need to do this.
I just have to ask where to do it around here.

I'm down a little. Less than a pound, but I'll freakin take it!
I want to be out of the 150's...but more importantly I want to feel like I'm out of the 150's.
Know what I'm sayin'?

Sorry so short today.
And sorry it's only a WIW.

Talk to ya laterrr!

Pretty Strong Medicine


  1. I usually listen to upbeat music, like pop and such. I'm not a big Kesha or Pitbull fan, but their song "Timber" is catchy and has a nice beat to it!

  2. You are doing so so so so awesome!!! WOOHOO! =D

  3. Tuesday morning, I meant to message you again beause I thought of two more. Now I can't remember one of them but another one to add: Downfall - Trust Company. SO old but soooo good!

  4. I REMEMBERED! Redlight King - Born to Rise

  5. Shin splits are awful. I'm glad you were able to dodge them. You look like you're doing so awesome!

    PS: you're gorgeous <3


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