Monday, January 20, 2014

I hung out with Peter & Ariel this weekend, nbd. Edited: I have a question!

I feel like I'm the Queen on MIA lately...
Boo to me.
Anywho, hows about a wee update?

First off, I hope everyone has had a great first couple of weeks of 2014! :)
Mine have been pretty good.

-We're still trying this no-spend thing, although, it's still only going "okay". I still feel like I'll be happy about come February, so that's all that matters to me. Post about that to come.

-I'm happy to say that I am not sick anymore, those antibiotic did their job for sure & I have felt relatively normal for the past week or so. I say relatively cause I still get a good headache every so often, but I think I may chalk that up to my hair...It's long (and thick, making it heavy) and I keep it I a bun--a lot, that shit causes headaches. I need to take about 3 or 4 inches off. So I'm looking into maybe doing that in February.

-I'm since me relative normal-ness has come back I'm trying to throw myself back onto the treadmill. Which I fell off of last night! LMAO. There's a first time for everything, right? I did 45 minutes last night and it felt pretty damn good. I haven't had a mountain dew since Jan 4th. My face is about to melt off, I want one SO bad. And I know I will drink them so this isn't a "I'm giving up cokes" thing, but since -for whatever reason- I've gone without them this long, I might just see if I can go a whole month...actually I know I can. But I might do that. Also squats are the devil and I fuggin' hate them....unless they cooperate with me and there is no knee pain, then they're good.

-I need to clean. That's the most overused statement, I swear. I always need to clean! lol. Am I the only one still putting stuff up from Christmas? And by stuff I mean the gifts I got. I have a box with gifts in it that just haven't made their way to their designated spots. I need to get on that.

-I'm still planning to do a 2014 post. It'll be up soon...ish. As will my baby situation update. I'm such a broken record, I swear.

-My to-do list is already stretching and stretching, or so I feel.

-I get to go to Nashville sometime in the coming months...I just don't know when or for how long yet. lol think that's about it...nothing much to really update on. Been kind of laying low.

Let's talk about this weekend....

-This weekend I partied hard Saturday night at a hotel for Carla's birthday! lol Who rents a hotel room, one county away, just for her and on of her friends to sit and WATCH DISNEY MOVIES?! This girl, that's who! Since my living room is non-functional, and she has no privacy either. We decided to rent a room & I took my DVD player, I brought a movie and she brought a movie and after we left Applebee's for her birthday dinner, we went to the room got in our onsie/footie jammies got our beer [that we drank out of Disney cups] and sat in bed and watched Peter Pan & The Little Mermaid & talked. It was perfection. A quiet night for us to talk about whatever the hell we wanted with no one to eavesdrop, butt it or judge. lol Went to sleep late, woke up an hour before check out & felt great.
Disney Night♥

-Which leads into Sunday...oh Sunday, sweet, sweet Sunday. How's about MY BRONCOS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL! I was SOOO happy & now I get to really gat pumped up for the Super Bowl! Time to hit up Party City for Bronco supplies. Which is really conflicting. It's hard being a broncos fan when we are typically a very strong anti-orange&blue household. (Gators, Auburn) So, to like the broncos, whos colors are the same as Auburns,..yea...tough. lolo Mom was really hoping the 49ers would win, that's always been her team kinda, and so she was hoping for 49ers VS Broncos, but they just didn't pull off. Too bad. Would have made for an interesting Super Bowl Sunday at my house. lol So it's Bronco vs Seahawks. I'm hoping we take it all the way & shut that loud mouth Sherman up! Uhh, can we say JERK? I feel like Erin Andrews handled that 100 x's better than I would have. I'd be all, "don't be yelling in my face."
Anyway, that made me so happy. The rest of Sunday was spent going through stuff, working a little on a puzzle and then I got in a good little workout.

One more huge thing before I leave ya today.
My girl Karla has taken on a new adventure & has opened an Etsy shop!! A little backstory, just in case you don't follow her (um, you should, she's the greatest), she was given some paints and cavases by her husband's grandmother & started to explore more into painting. Upon doing so she realized she had an amazing knack for it. She so talented and loves to paint & so she decided an Etsy shop would be a great thing to try out. Her shop is called "Three Winks Originals" and her paintings are so good. Definitely go check them out. I'm so excited for her!! Spread the word! ♥

Karla's info: Blog | Etsy | Three Winks Originals FacebookTwitter | Instagram: kay_em_ess
That's it for today lovelies.
It's already well past lunch and I have yet to eat.
So...later, loves!

One more things...I have a question to ask, and I'm going to ask on Twitter and IG too...
I'm gonna make compile the answers and playlist of the answers I get, if I get enough for a playlist, and of course I will post it.
So, my question is...

What are some of you favorite songs to listen to when you are working out? If you used to work out, but don't anymore, you can still answer. Any and all songs/genres welcomed!

If you don't workout, you can still answer, it'd just be more along the lines of what are some songs that motivate/push you?

I just think it's interesting to see what motivates everyone!
So leave me one or as many as you would like!!
I'll also ask on Twitter and IG to see what some folks who may not have a blog say.
I'll give it a couple of days before I make the list!
Thanks everyone! :-)


  1. Haha, I too have fallen off a treadmill!! Glad you are feeling better! =) I listen to a lot of Kanye (Stronger) and Macklemore (Thrift Shop) and I'm loving Kesha's new song.. Timber ( I think?) I listen to a TON of stuff that I usually hate listening to otherwise. Like...rap! It really gets you going! DeadMau5 too!

    And WOW. THANK YOU! That shout out made my freaking day! Seriously! Thank you so so much for all of the support you have given me. =D

  2. Man I am interested to see what songs you end up listing, I need them! I usually just use the 8tracks app. I do like Fall Out Boy, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark


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