Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas and NYE

It's okay to recap these days/weeks later, yes? No? Oh well, I am.

Nothing major to say.
I procrastinated way too much and really did end up doing a bulk amount of shopping the day before Christmas Eve. Remind me not to do that again.
And I had to force myself to do that because I had already been in bed sick for a couple of days and ughh.

But, as always, Christmas was great.
We have about 4-5 places we have to go for Holidays.
We made it to all except one. And I am still feeling bad about that. Maybe after I'm completely better we can go see his Grandma.
Christmas Eve was spent stopping by my Granny & PawPaws then heading to Dougs Nana and Pops for the rest of the evening for White Elephant. It's always a good time when that family gets together. We spent the night at my mother-in-laws on Christmas Eve and woke up and did Christmas there as we have done pretty much since we've been together. And then it was back home to do Christmas with my family.
The kids both had a good mound of gift and I would say everyone else was pretty spoiled as well.
By that I mean, pretty much everyone got what they wanted.

I got some crafty stuff, some movies, a CD, some camis, some combat boots and a few other things. :-)
My big ticket item was a new bed set from Doug.
We've never had a full bed set, ever.
It's always been sheets sets and a top blanket.
So to have new everything, that all goes together, is lovely.
And it's camo. He did good.
I was looking at and had actually written down just some sheets,
but he took it a step further and got an entire set.
And I love it. It's so nice sleeping on it.
It's so nice to feel lost in a sea of covers.
It's not every lady's cup of tea, but it's mine. And it's the right kind of camo.
Mossy Oak girl, right here.
Boomer & Cody's first Christmas
(or I think it's Cody's's his first in a home at least). Kids opening gifts, playing Dr. & My honey & Me
And that's the short and sweet version.

NYE was great but could have been better. I was hit with round two of being sick and it hit me hard.
But let me play out December 31st for you.
Wake up, get ready to take mom to the dr (because she has also gotten sick--thanks to me I'm sure.), then from the dr. to get her meds & pay house payment (aka drive from one county to the other.)
Then get home, have to BACK to town to get Carla & her son. Then we have to go to another county to return a gift or two for her and for me to go to the store I got my ring from for it's inspection/cleaning that has to be done every 6 mos... Get to jewelry store & they have to send it off for repair, one of the prongs is bent. I'm a very paranoid person, I hate doing stuff like that, I don't trust people. But, of course, I have to do it or they can't sign off & then my warranty will void. I mean I get it & I'd rather not just let it go and end up losing a diamond. I have a great warranty so I might as well let them take care of me/my ring. Thanks, Zales. I'm just always paranoid of getting my ring back with fake diamonds. lol
So, by now I've been in a car since about 8:30 or 9, have been to 3 different counties and have only gotten out about 4 times. And am now ringless.
Onto our next stop to exchange gifts and pick up some food.
Stop, let me back up for a second. My second time going to town to pick Carla up, as we were leaving town there was a bag of trash on the edge of the road & you could see like a plastic cup and some paper in the road from where it had tore open. Instead of getting in the other lane, I decide I'll just straddle it and go on. Last minute, I mean right as I was going over it I saw glistens...from light reflecting, and of course you can hear the same sound you would hear when you run over a little gravel. I said that, "better not have been glass." Fast forward and we get in walmart and I have to get everything on moms list + everything that Carla & I need/ other words we had a buggy full and about 80% of it was food. Get outside, flat tire, and you could see the chuck in glass lodged in it. Luckily I carry a portable pump, so I pumped it up and just prayed it would get us to my house, which is about a 15-20 minute drive away. It did. Thank God. So, get home and it's about 4 or 5, I don't remember. So we have to start making jello shots. Then making food. By this time I have a headache starting. Ugh. SO...about 9 we finally get to let loose and try enjoying the night. She bought a game for us to play and so me, her, Doug & our other friend sat around and tried playing it. Instead of taking something for my headache earlier I decided to just hope it would go away. I'm not one for mixing meds with booze. So, by about 10 or so I'm miserable but trying to not show it. Seriously the whole night I had like a beer and 1/2 and like 2 jello shots, I just was not feeling it. We played the game and only got through a round and a half before it was almost time for the peach (& ball) to drop. I was so ready. What a cruddy last say of 2013. Ugh! We got her son and my nephew down to the living room and everyone was rowdy ringing in the New Year, we hollered inside & then went outside and yelled and screamed & listen to gunshots & fireworks. THEN, we ended up with 2 strays on our front porch, a gorgeous blue tick & a pitbull/dalmation mix. They were sooo cute & so scared, they had ran off from all the loud noises. Poor babies. We found the owner to one they lived in our neighborhood & they stopped by on their way home and got it. The other, the blue tick, was still at the house. I went to bed around four and she was curled up on the porch sleeping and shaking. My mom & brother covered her up with some old sheets we had & she stayed a while longer and then a couple hours later she was gone. So I'm really hoping she calmed down enough to be able to find her way back home. Both had collar, but neither had tags. It was annoying. :-/ We
But yea, woke up the next day still filling miserable, of course by now I'm full blown sick-again. But ready for New Year Days grub. And it was scrumptious. Collards, black eyed peas, chicken, and cornbread. (and hot wing and sauerkraut-but I don't eat those). We spent ALL.DAY in pjs and didn't move from our spots on the couch except for eating and peeing. lol We also got to ring in 2014 by watching my Bulldogs play. Unfortunately they lost, but I still love them regardless. Once a Dawg, always a Dawg.
Even though the last day of 2013 was a bit of a doozy, NYE was still pretty enjoyable and nice and low-key. I only took a few pics, so total picture fail for me. But that's okay.
Let me paint a picture, it was a pajama party. Everyone wore PJs and Carla and I, and Shaneu, sported onsies. You can see mine & C's on my InstaG here.

Now I just need a new tire (it's plugged and doing good for now, but again, I'm paranoid-lol), and I can't wait to get my rings back, I feel so naked without them.

Even though we are 6 days in already, I wanna say Happy New Year to everyone!
Sorry I talked you ear off, but would expect anything less from me. ;-)
Now I have to work out my 2013 recap. O.O

Lovins & stuff.


  1. Yay for new bedding! I love that feeling of being buried in everything. So comfy and perfect timing since the weather has been so crazy!

  2. Wow! Crazy NYE! And I love the camo bedding! So cool looking!! =)


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