Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hey there...

Gosh I haven't posted since last year. That's crazy.
Ha. Yea, so corny, I know.
But really, I have been a bad blogger lately, especially once the holidays kicked in full force. I hope that can improve now that all of the holidays are completely over.
I did squeeze in my Jingle Jam recap before the new year, I'm happy I at least got that one in. lol
The good thing is, I already have about 3 or 4 post ideas.
The bad thing is that I haven't typed them yet...
This is just gonna be a ramble post to help get my mind on order.
-I still haven't recapped 2013, or Christmas.
I'll honestly probably just combine Christmas and NYE posts.
-Post about 2014 and what I hope for with it.
-Also, I went to the lady doctor the other day, I might update on that also.
(for anyone that newer around here that may be confused by why I wanna talk about the lady dr., I've been trying to figure out why I'm not getting pregnant.)
-Did anyone do the 52 weeks saving plan last year? I did. It's exciting to come out of the Holidays, when you're spending all of this money on gifts and food and everything else that comes along with it, and have an extra $1378 ready to be deposited (or rat holed- whatever you prefer.). So, I'll probably do a money post, complete with a bit of a rant.
-I've been thinking a lot about my 101 in 1001, and how I haven't really completed much (or any) of it. There are a few things on it that have been on my mind a lot lately, so I think I may put more steam behind them. Maybe them being on my mind so much is a sign that it's a good time to start really putting the effort in?
I look forward to reading everyone posts about New Years & resolutions and such.
Aside from catching up with posting, I also need to catch up with my blog reading.
I miss talking to all of you ladies!
I'll try getting my posts in order and ready to be posted.

My girl Helene is doing a vote of the best Blogger of 2013. Head on over to her post and vote for all of your favorite blogs! :-)

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  1. Yes! DO a money post!! I want to see how you liked that. I've seen it going around on Facebook (the 52 week savings plan thing) and I want to try it. =)


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