Monday, December 2, 2013

What a week...

So, I flat out just couldn't find the time to really blog last week, & that is A-OK.
So I'm just gonna talk about it all right now, a week recap instead of a weekend recap.

Monday was Thanksgiving at my house. Which turned out great. My pecan pie? Not so much. Listen, sugar free just doesn't work for everything, and apparently this is one of those things. but we tried, we always try to see if we can cater to Dad having diabetes, so we often try sugar free stuff & sometimes it works...sometimes not so much. Anywho I didn't take the first pic, but all was good.
Tuesday was kind of a rest day.
Wednesday was a rest day too, for the most part. I however, became phone-less on Wednesday. I just woke up that morning to a dead phone & that was all she wrote. It wouldn't turn on, charge, connect to computer, nothing. Just dead. Whatever. I didn't post a WIW, but I did weigh in at 159.4. Eeep!
Thursday was great. We went to both of Doug's sides of the family. Which are always great times. It's hard when holiday dinners over lap, but we did the best we could and decided to go with Doug's family. The only place we didn't make it to was to my other Granny's. It was the first Thanksgiving without Doug's grandpa & I'm glad we made it to it to see his Grandma. She has dementia and just isn't doing as well as we would obviously like. And my baby fever was kicked up a notch at his Nana's because I finally got to meet his cousin's newest baby boy & I love him. I held him for about 30 minutes and he was just as content as could be. He is so. stinkin. cute! And then of course after dinner the sales papers came out & Black Friday plans began. I skipped out because as I said I wasn't going to shop on Thanksgiving night. Some of them wanted some doorbuster things though & so I declined to join. I can't lie though..I wanted some of those doorbuster things too. But I'm happy I held off. I spent Thanksgiving night alone for the most part, until my brother got home & even then he went straight to bed. Doug & his little bro headed down to the hunting club as soon as we got home from his Nana's. So, I had a quiet evening. :-) Oh AND the Lions slayed the Packers! Woop!
photobombed by mom
Friday...I did go Black Friday shopping. ALLL BYY MYYSEEEELF. I left a little after 2am & got home at around 10am. It wasn't bad at all, in fact all of the store I went into were relatively dead. Bout like a normal shopping day. I went to 3 different counties and spent a disgusting amount of money. Made me cringe. I added up my "savings" last night & I really only saved about $195...I won't tell you how much I SPENT. lol To be fair, I didn't shop for just sale stuff...I bought a lot that wasn't on sale but I knew was on my gift list. Anyway, after being up for about 26 hours I finally went to sleep and slept for about 5 or 6 hours, until my bro got home from work & then he left for the hunting club. I spent the rest of Friday doing a little online shopping and a whole lot of nothing. I did watch the CMT Crossroads with The Band Perry & Fall Out Boy. It was good. There were some songs that sounded weird with TBP singing with them, but for the most part I liked it. If you have the chance to watch it, go for it. And it was my Mama's 50th birthday. We haven't celebrated because she and my Dad left Thursday for the hunting club & aren't coming home until today.

Saturday was another day of nothingness. But ended way too emotionally for my liking. First, it was the GA/GT game & let me tell about stress. And feeling like a crazy person for yelling while I'm watching this game...alone. But we won. In double overtime, but we still managed to get that W. Then Alabama freakin lost to Auburn. Then Mizzou freakin' beat Texas A&M. So now that means that Auburn & Mizzou will be playing for the SEC Championship, so I reluctantly have to root for the asshole wardamntigereagles. -___- It was too much. So I bathed and shower & felt glorious, got out & saw that one of my all time favorite movies was on TV (The F&F) so I turn it on. And then I just have to go and get on the internet and literally the first thing I saw was that Paul Walker died & my heart sank. I couldn't even fully watch the rest of the movie without crying. I had to get offline because I couldn't stand seeing it EVERYWHERE. Reading the articles, seeing the tweets/posts from co-stars and friends, seeing a video, seeing the pictures, I couldn't handle it. And don't even get me started on the jokes. While I agree it's eerie that he passed in a car wreck, making the jokes about it are unnecessary. He was someone's son, brother, father, friend & loved one just like the rest of us.
Sunday I woke up rested and ready to go (do more of nothing.) & That's exactly what I did. Along with watching Sunday football which stresses me the hell out. I only watched the ass end of the Texans/Pats game while waiting on the next game & then watched all of it (Broncos). The Broncos won, by the way. And, I did see thattt...The Bengals won! My Falcons actually won! I think we can all agree that football this year has been so wonky & for some fans that makes me extra frustrating. My husband got his first wall hanger, and it has a messed up rack. Crazy stuff. But proud of him. I still couldn't fully handle being online today. It was still plastered everywhere about Paul. I know some people may think, "get over it, not like you knew him" etc. But people get emotionally invested in actors/actresses/musician/etc. and The Fast and the Furious franchise is literally one of my favorites. (that & the Jackass franchise). But it goes beyond those movie to others. And even beyond that to his life outside of movies. Such a great person taken too soon. I'm extremely sad about it and I'm such an emotional person, I will cry at anything if it bothers me enough. And this did. Every updated article I read, every picture I saw....tears. Call me a crybaby if you please. It's okay because I know I am. If I sense pain even from others it affects me. Bad. It's numbing. For those of you who haven't read the articles, he was at his charity even and decide to take a ride in a Porche with a friend and they never made it back. His 15 year old daughter was at the event & Roger (the driver) his 5 year old son was there. My heart just hurts for their families and friends.
Here we are, back at Monday. I took a week off from working out (besides black Friday shopping) and so I'm hoping to get back on that wagon pretty easily and I guess I'll just see where the day takes me.
So many words.
In short: Thanksgiving was great. I lost a pound. I need to get back to working out. I'm devastated about Paul Walker passing. I shopped until I dropped and didn't really save that much. Had a bunch of great family time. ALL. 5. OF. MY. TEAMS. WON. And I am completely without a cell phone. My mom turned 50 & we haven't got to celebrate yet. Hello Monday & Hello December.
Why didn't I just do that to begin with? Cause I like to ramble.
Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.
Happy Monday!


  1. Haha I love your mom photobombing your picture. When I first heard about his death, I didn't believe it. I kept seeing stuff that said it was a hoax. But then people kept sharing things and talking about it on Facebook and I stopped seeing the "This is a hoax" stuff. He was a good actor and was taken too soon.

  2. Paul Walker's death is the first celebrity death that really hit close to home. I was 11 when the first Fast and Furious came out and I have been a huge fan of those movies since. He was also one of my first celeb crushes (remember him in She's All That? lol) and Fast and Furious is what sparked my obsession with cars. I honestly felt kind of silly getting so upset when I found out but I guess it just makes sense! Glad you had such a great break with your family! I only worked out once last week (and not once during my 4 day weekend lol) so hopefully I can get back in the swing of things this week!

  3. So sad about Paul Walker.

    I'm glad you were able to score a few Black Friday deals! We went to Kohls and they had some really great buys!

    And girl! Congrats on the weight! Thats awesome! You look great! =D


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