Sunday, December 22, 2013

Trying to NOT be a Scrooge.

Oh, Christmas.
Is it almost Christmas?
Why, yes. 3 days away.
It's almost hard to tell though.
Even in Georgia, where the weather changes every 15 minutes, it's usually cool (if not cold) this time of year.
But...we are at 57 and rain...RAIN RAIN RAIN. Annoyed is an understatement.
Add on spend 2 FULL days in bed from a cold.
Only to now have a queasy tummy, among some other issues.
And let's add the cherry on top being the fact that I am still not finished shopping.
I just have to shop like hell tomorrow I suppose.
Oh, wait, and let's sprinkle on dirty water. Yep, after having dirty water for a week, then bleaching(disinfecting the pipes) and allowing a few days -or more- for that to filter through we now have cloudy water AGAIN. YAY!
What a lovely stress sundae I have.

Oh wait there's more. I really want to squeeze at least one of the THREE dr appointments I've been slacking on before the new year.

I'm ready to be done shopping.
I'm ready to be not have wishy washy ass weather.
I'm ready to have my appetite and normal functioning body back.
& I'm ready to be able to use the water in my house with out being paranoid of any bacteria or anything else being in it.

Even still, I'm trying not to stress.

-I'm glad I was able to get out of bed and function yesterday, I was able to get out and about & I got to meet Aaron Murray, GA Bulldog QB-former now :( - I'll post about that when I get the picture back. :)
-I was also able to go out to dinner with Doug, my mother in-law, brother in-law, grandparents and some aunts and uncles (all in laws you get it) for my bother in-laws birthday, he turned 13 Friday. Thirteen. O.O
-I have a place to go for clean water in order to shower and anything I need to do.
-Get to see a lot of family on both sides in a couple of days, so that's always good.

There's more good, I'm just gonna try to cut this rant short so I can make my shopping game plan because we can see where procrastinating has gotten me so far.

I know holidays can bring on stress, but I hate being this stressed. So I just needed to rant.
I've been MIA (I still haven't posted about the concert- daaang-) again and honestly, its because I can't even sort my thoughts long enough for ME to understand half the time. lol I won't say I'm ready for the holidays to be over, but I'm ready for the stress to be gone. I'm ready to enjoy the holiday.

So, sorry for the Bah-humbuggish post right before Christmas, but girl's gotta get off her chest.
Now to get this shit done!

If I don't blog again before Christmas, which it's likely I won't, then I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing Christmas!

Fa-la-la-la-la la-la la-lovins!

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  1. Merry Christmas Brandy! Just keep in mind the stress is only temporary and Christmas will be a great day of relaxing and enjoying time with your family. :)


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