Monday, December 16, 2013

Remeber that time I was a blogger?

No doubt I've been MIA. Partially because there honestly hasn't been anything going on & partially because I was a bit lazy (as far as electronics go).
Let's play a small bit of catch up...about some not really important things mixed with some pretty cool things mixed with some of the

-Right before Thanksgiving (the day before actually) my cell phone shit the bed. It died. RIP HTC thanks for lasting me 2yrs & 3 months. Well, I was kind of fine with it, which seems unheard of. Haha. My mom kept pushing me to get a new one & I kept putting it off. A couple of days passed & then I ordered a new one on Cyber Monday. & got it a couple of days later. So I was really only without it for a week. And everyone was so happy that I got a new one. Kidding...only partially kidding. It bothered everyone else more than it did me. But, anywayyy, I now have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active & so far we're friends, there is only one thing I have found that it a bit of an annoyance, but it's not even much of a big deal really. I need a phone case though.

-I didn't do a WIW last Wednesday, because,..idk why. But as always I still weighed in and le scale said 157.6. Woo! However.... I'm nervous about this weeks because I've taken one too many days off in the past week & for some reason I'm having a bit o' digestive issues & bloat. What gives? I don't know. But, it's okay. I'm sure my diet hasn't been the best in the past 8 to 10 days. I'm just hoping everything returns to normal soon.

-We haven't had clean water for 8-10 days, add that to paranoid me & you get only eating things that don't require water & spending the night at my mother in laws in order to wash clothes and take a shower. The Friday before last I noticed that my toilet water was brown & low and behold, all of the water in the house turned out brown. We concluded that the seal on our well wasn't there & needed to be resealed & we needed a new took one too many days to even do that. THEN once you to that you have to bleach the water & allow time for that to pass through. For whatever reason it also took one to many days for us to bleach the water & now we are waiting for it to pass because it's still pretty strong hands smell like bleach. Boo. So needless to say I will still not really be using water for another day or two.

-I may go to a small hiring/job fair for American Eagle this Friday. But there are also a couple of other job listings in a couple of medical offices/hospitals that I noticed. I took a break from looking, but I need to get back to it. UGH. Hate it!

-Guess who still isn't finished Christmas shopping? Me. -__- Thank the Lord for Doug's Christmas bonus & the fact that it was handed out right before payday. Much needed to help us make it through the Holiday without worrying too much about money. But, I've still slacked so bad on Christmas shopping. UGH. & I still haven't told anyone ideas for me so now my procrastination is forcing others to procrastinate. lol. Ooops.

-I missed a autograph signing Saturday & it was like an instant regret. BUT, I noticed this AM that there is going to be another one even closer to my house, YAY! SO I'm for sure going to it.

-Guess who's seeing 1D again in 2014. Yea, me-me-me! (Don't look at me like that!) I love already having one concert planned already...even if I do have to wait until October. Haha.

-Speaking of...I'm heading to a concert tonight. It'll be my last of the year. I'm excited. I get to see The Backstreet Boys. EEEK! Along with 5 other artists. I'll do a post on all of it sometime this week.

-I need a rock concert in my life. I miss my Framing Hanley boys, I wish I could pay for them to come close to my town and perform, just so I can see them. They still have 3 FREE songs available on their website, if you like rock/alt go. get. them. I mean shit, they're free. Who doesn't like that? Click HERE to get 'em, once you get there, scroll down to see the music player & then click on "Download all 3 tracks FOR FREE RIGHT NOW!!!". I'll never not promote them, but most of you know that already. ;-)

AND that's all you get right now because my mind is drawing a blank. I need to go put some time in on the treadmill since I won't get to tonight & then my friend who's going to the concert with me will be here & the rest of the day is driving, eating & dancing/singing along. lol
I miss you all, I always do when these little breaks happen, especially if they're not planned. I'm way behind on reading also, so I'll have to get to that too!
I also have a couple of new followers due to Karla showing me some love in this post last week (that I'm still at a loss for words over, unexpected for sure & I'm so grateful for her & her friendship.) But to those new followers, welcome to my mess! That's exactly what it is, my like, a mess. But it's a fun one most of the time. So, HI! Look forward to getting to know you!

& because I'm seeing em tonight, here's some BSB for you.
If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)
Hey Mr. DJ
Larger Than Life
(Funny how the screen freeze for this song is on the I the only one to notice that? Dirty-minded me.)

Happy Monday, Love Bugs!


  1. Love ya, girl! Ummmmm... Backstreet BOYS!!!!! My FAV boy band!!! Have fun!!!!! So jealous!!! =) =) =)

  2. Super jealous, hope you have a great time! BSB 4 LIFE.

  3. Girl, I'm jealous. You get to see the Backstreet Boys!! I LOVE them!! I even bought there new CD the day it came out! :)


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