Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pop-Up Grounders

When it comes to reminiscing about your childhood there can be a flood of wonderful memories. Sports are, or can be, one of them. Primarily baseball, football, gymnastics and NASCAR, in my home.
I feel like baseball is almost always a staple in a persons childhood in some way. I believe I have mentioned before that I would like to get more into baseball than I am. There really is just something about baseball.
We watched it when I was younger. We are an Atlanta Braves family who had Braves memorabilia all over shelves in our living room. My favorite player was David Justice. And of course Chipper, and Maddux, etc. I wish I could remember watching it more, the 90's were a pretty amazing time for the Braves.
My brother played when he was a kid so, of course, I can't forget that many of my days were spent at the ball fields watching him play, or just walking around and playing on my own.
There are also the times spent tossing the ball around at home or playing with family. is an online retailer for everything sports. They have plenty of merchandise to choose from for several different sports; football, basketball, soccer, NASCAR, hockey, baseball, etc. Fanatics also likes to hear from, well, the fanatics! When I was asked about some of my favorite baseball memories I figured I would give it a go. So, today I figured I'd reminisce a little with you all.

As I mentioned, many a days were spent on the baseball fields in town. It was always so fun to me to get to there. I always remember walking around the fields. I even made a friend who was a few years older than me, her name was Nicole, who would walk around with me whenever she was there for her brothers games or practices. I remember the concession stand, the water fountains, even the bathrooms (I know, weird). My point is, it was such a familiar almost comforting, place for me. It was fun watching the guys play the game.
I so wish I had a picture of those fields. It's unfortunate that years ago they were leveled out and now there that is where a pool, the health department and the new courthouse are all located. I still get bothered by that. Because now? Now the fields are located back behind all of that. You can't see the fields when you drive by anymore. And to me, that's sad.
Fun fact: years ago when we were looking through my moms chest of pictures, while looking at some of my brothers team photos we realized that my brother and my husband were on the same teams a couple of times. That's so cool to me. 

Of course, having a sporty brother meant also getting to play those sports at home.
There are countless time of playing baseball in the yard. At home practice is important, too. Even if it is just for fun.
One thing we used to play a lot of is pop-up grounders. It's good for practice in catching pop-ups and grounders. I can remember one afternoon in particular, it was myself, my brother and a couple of my cousins, and we were playing pop-up grounders. It was a gloomy kind of day and was starting to drizzle a little bit when we had started to play. Then came the thunder, and even the lightning. But be played. And it was so fun. Rain, sweat, dirt, laughter and family bonding -or competition-. [Obviously it's probably not the greatest idea to be playing baseball in the storm but rest assured that our parents wouldn't let us be too reckless. ;-) ]

For whatever reason, I can remember that. Whether it be the family time, the time outside, playing in the rain, thunder, and lightning, for whatever the reason it sticks with me. And it all centered around getting out there and playing ball!

I think baseball will always have kind of a special place in my heart. It's my goal to go to at least one MLB game, to see the Braves, of course! And I'd honestly prefer to see it at The Ted! [pictured- not my photo]
I definitely don't want my baseball memories to end with the childhood ones. So, seriously, take me out to the ballgame, please?! :)
Source (this is such a great picture!)

What about you all? Do you have any baseball memories or stories?! 


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