Friday, August 22, 2014

Glory,'s Football Friday (link up)

Fanatics asked me about baseball memories, which turned into my post about baseball the other day. Well, in the spirit of Football season, they asked the same question about football. I took my baseball post back to my childhood, and while I have the same types of memories with football -my brother played football too- I figured I would switch it up this time and talk about my first (an so far, only) Georgia Bulldogs game...So, here's to thinking back to that day...
Alarm is buzzing! Rise and shine. It's game day! It's time to get ready and hop in the car for that short, but long, drive down to Athens.
Coming down 129, passing by the fields and pastures, as you pass the 10 Loop and continue onto Prince Avenue, the excitement begins to build.
Find a lot & pick a spot.
From there, as you emerge from your car, you observe the excitement of people around you. You sense the camaraderie of strangers gathered for the same reason. Maybe even smell the smell of hot dogs, burgers or maybe even ribs cooking over a grill. you hear the clinking of bottles, and everyone begins to celebrate. You see people mingling and playing games of cornhole. Ahh, tailgating.
It's time to make your way down the streets of downtown Athens. It's a nice walk, and a great small city to walk through. As you're making your trek, passing the shops, restaurants and bars you can tell it's undoubtedly game day. Passing the historic Georgia Theatre, you then make your way down Lumpkin Street, and then Broad Street. You'll soon come face to face with the iconic black iron arch. Pass under that arch and through the campus, reaching Sanford Drive.
Many people don the colors, red, black, and white, are also making there way to the same destination as you. The atmosphere is exciting. 
You're there,..
Sanford Stadium.
Ticket scanned, snacks and drinks purchased, it's time to make your way to your seats. 
It's amazing, once you take a step into the stands. The seats slowly start to fill. The field is freshly painted, the infamous hedges are trimmed. Teams are on the field stretching and warming up. 

Hairy Dog is on the sidelines. Uga is in his nice, cooled down, dog house. 
Almost time...

The field clears and the UGA Redcoats Marching Band starts to play...

the planes fly over, 
the banner is set up....
and the team bursts through, reemerging ready to play! 
Then, by the flip of a coin, just like that, it's time for kickoff. 

And this? This is what we've been waiting for.
The anticipation, the excitement, the nerves...
Football season has returned and it's game time!

Not everyone's journey to Sanford Stadium is the same but I can imagine the excitement is all the same. The Dawg Nation is a loyal fanbase. We love our football and we love our Dawgs. Seeing a game Between the Hedges is such a fun experience. If you get there in time & can get a good spot, you can see the Dawg Walk before the game. And on victorious days there is a long line for the bell, students and fans alike get to ring the bell. I have unfortunately only attended one game in person (that needs to change!) but it's a whole different experience being there in person. I haven't been able to experience the Dawg Walk, but I hope that is something I can do in the future. If you are a Georgia Bulldog fan, I definitely recommend you catch at game at Sanford Stadium, if you haven't before!

As football season is warming up, I am SOO ready to get back to watching the guys on the field, both college (and Pro). We wait around all year for it to return. And it's back, a few short weeks to kick off and I'm praying for a great season! Good luck to you and your team.
As for my team..

U-G-A! U-G-A! U-G-A!

I've gotta give another shout out to Fanatics for asking me to be park of this. Check out their site & all the goodies on there. I've seen plenty of shirts that I think are SO cute. Like these...
Majestic Georgia Bulldogs Ladies Whatever It Takes Reversible Tank - Red/BlackGeorgia Bulldogs Ladies Chevron Racerback Tank Top - Red
pair them with some jeans, or some black skinnies, or shorts -cause it's hot down here-, and I think it'd be a good practical game day outfit!
As far as my pro teams...(Falcons, Broncos, Bengals, Lions....and I'm gonna be watching a bit of the Dolphins this year too...-Oh, Knowshon, the things I do for you....-) Some of my favorites are....
Women's Nike White Atlanta Falcons Warp Tri-Blend Performance Tank Top Denver Broncos Nike Women's Take it Long Long Sleeve T-Shirt - White
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I'm not going to include and Dolphin gear just yet...I'm probably only "bandwagon" status right now. Gotta ease into these relationships, ya know! ;-)

So, how about you?! Who are you cheering for? What colors are you wearing? Do you have any football stories or memories?! 
Go link up with my lovely friend, Erin, for FOOTBALL FRIDAY and talk football with the rest of us!


Football Friday


  1. Love this!!! Your pictures are so awesome... just made me excited to see MY teams out on the field soon! You have to like the Bengals some since we've got Aj Green!! ;) Thanks for linking up!!!

  2. What a great post! I've heard UGA has an amazing stadium and my husband's friend works in the sports department down there. I hope to get down for a game one day!

  3. I'll be sporting black and gold for MIZZOU this year! What a great post!

    stopping by from the link up :)


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