Thursday, May 15, 2014

Room 217

 Room 217.
Oh you.
At first glance you're just a simple hotel room. Equipped with the basics.
But, for us, you are now a closely kept memory.
A place that we all want to go back to.
Where mine, Carla's and Sarah's room became everyone's room most of the days. The meeting room. The hangout room.

The room where...

...we spent most of the time, due to the weather.

...we learned some military workouts, in the middle of the night.

...the mini fridge stayed fully stocked with at least 3 different kinds of beer. (and water too)

...we had a mini pantry. Sandwich meat, cheese, mayo, bread, cereal, milk, chips, and cookies and all were opened to anyone who wanted food.

...drinking was acceptable at any hour of the morning...I mean, day. ;-) Except for DD's obviously.

...I think I may have freaked a few people out when I brought back a couple of "sperm" drinks from the liquor store. hahaha.

...Claire was the only one willing to drink one of them. And she said it tasted awful. 

...a few late nights where had, with some interesting conversations.

...only those who were there could understand fully what I mean when I say things such as: rolo mints (rolo minis), driving Vespas in England just like they did in The Lizzie McGuire movie (that was set in Rome,, footlometers, sexual hot wings & chocolate, and how good sour patch gum is.

...talks of group matching tattoos & a Nashville wedding happened.

...and talks of traveling to other states and countries for shows also happened.

...there was a mini Florida/Georgia football debate (sorry, Jon.) 

...I had to explain to a few people what frog gigging was, and the people actually do that. 

...Carla and I taught/explained a few southernisms & phrases.

...I got to hear a British accent, in person, for 4 days. I loved that.

...there were actually several different accents floating around and everyone was intrigued by each others.

...Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, New York, and England came together.

...we all got to meet for the first time after being friends for YEARS. (Well, not all of us, some had already met, that's beside the point though.)

...even though there were many funny moments, there were actually some in depth type conversations. 

...also, obviously, lots of music talk happened.

...various concert memories where talked about.

...Framing Hanley concert memories were shared.

...plans were made, in cahoots with Kayla, to surprise the guys at the show.

...our FHamily became even closer.

...where it was hard to say good-bye

...I left a little part of me.

...I also left my boots. dammit.

If those walls could talk they would probably tell you that we were insane. They would also probably explain some of the things I mentioned in detail then, you wouldn't even need for them to tell you we were insane, you would just come to that conclusion yourself.
This doesn't even really scratch the surface. I know there are things that are slipping my mind.
Room 217, the keeper of the FHamily conversations.

It was so much fun.
We all had so much fun.

I promise Room 217 won't be forgotten by any of us. 
It was the room where lots of laughs where had, memories were made, and not enough pictures were taken.


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