Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hotel Snob

Planning for a trip away usually involves browsing whatever site it is that you prefer (for me it's Expedia) for a hotel room.

Everyone has their price range. Some people may search strictly based on location. Some people may search for only 4-Star hotels. What I'm getting at is everyone has their preferences.
If you're anything like me, there are specific hotels that you would rather stay in above any others.
Maybe for no other reason other than those are the ones I've stayed in and have pretty much liked them all.

My preferences are usually Best Western and Holiday Inn Express.
I did stay in a Baymont Inn that was nice too.

I always stay in those, if I can.
Trips to TN, Best Western & Baymont & Holiday Inn Express. Getting a hotel in the next county over just for a night away, Best Western. Trip to Savannah, Best Western. Night of my wedding we stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.
One of my best friends and I got a room in January for a girls night & had to stay in a Comfort Inn as opposed to Best Western. I wasn't impressed.
Get my drift?

Now when it comes to trips, I don't go too cheap on the room but, I can't afford to pay for anything too glamorous. Unfortunately. But, I mean, you get what you pay for.
One day, one trip, I will get an expensive room. Just because!

But for now, I'm at the in between spot. And that is where theses usually fall.
And then there are those times when it just doesn't quite work out how you'd like.

I'm planning a trip for next month & was looking through the hotels on Expedia and of course the hotels I'd rather stay in are just not in my room budget.
It sucks.
I'm not 100% closed minded but, I just want to stay in a Best Western or a HIX that's not too outrageously priced (for me) and that's not too far away from what I'm going for.
This is the primary reason I haven't booked my room yet.

I'm looking at a Hampton Inn. Those are supposed to be nice right?
Reviews seem to be good and the price is in my range.
Have any of y'all stayed in a Hampton Inn?

Do any of y'all have a hotel preference or am I crazy?


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  1. I've never stayed in a Hampton Inn but I don't think it's much different from BW or HIX. It seems like it would be on the same level as those two. If the reviews are good and it fits your budget, go for it! The only time I'm truly a snob is if I know I will be spending a good amount of time in the room. For instance, sometimes Dereck and I do little "staycations" in different areas of Houston so we like to stay in nicer places since we know we'll be there the majority of the time. (If you're ever in Houston, stay at Hotel Sorella. We love that place!!) However, if we're out of town to visit friends/family or go to an event, I don't mind staying somewhere cheaper since we're really only using it to shower and sleep. It all depends for me!


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